Gifting Gold For My Special Man

It was a lazy sunday morning nad the weather was breezy enough to push me back to bed :P
Time was already past 8 and I had to shed away my laziness so got up from bed. I had big plans for the day and was determined to get it done.

I married the man of my dreams and I'm super lucky to have the perfect husband in the world *touchwood*
He takes care of me so much and pampers me like a baby which makes me feel super elated :)
But what do I do in return for him? Of course I love him more than anything\anyone in the world but still it's my dream to get him something he always wanted!
Yup he is a super crazy fan of Royal Enfield and have always wanted one :) So when I heard about this #RideTheRoyal contest by Mehta jewellery #MehtaJewellery I wanted to win this One Of The Kind Gold Plated Royal Enfield Bullet 500 just for him!

We had our favourite cup of tea in the morning enjoying the cool breeze and I prepared breakfast for us. Once he finished eating I was like "Ok baby go and get ready, let's start!". He gave me a puzzled look which asked me a thousand questions which I wasn't ready to answer then :P I told I want to buy some jewellery for me and have planned to get it today. He couldn't say anything and started getting ready to leave.

I told him to drive to Mehta Jewellery in CP Ramasamy Road and he was like "Why do you want to go so far to buy jewellery? Can't we just buy it in any jewellery nearby?". Of course I could but when I was all prepared to buy a great piece for my special man how could I compromise and not visit the exclusive Men's Jewellery Collection at Mehta Jewellers? I told I have some offer there and would get good discounts which made him feel ok to drive so long :D

We reached the jewellery in sometime and as soon as we entered in, his eyes fell on the RE that was kept at the display. Do I even need to tell any further? He right away told me "Hey they have kept a RE Bullet parked here. Think there is something going on. I will go check it out and meanwhile you go finish your purchase and come!"
I obviously expected this reaction already and decided to go ahead and finish my purchase before he gets to know all the details about why I brought him here ;)

I had recently earned a good deal from blogging and was so planning to get some good jewellery for him. I actually wanted to get him a bracelet from the time we got married but couldn't as he kept saying he won't use it! Now is the time and chance I got and I went ahead to the men's section at Mehta Jewellery. They have a very vast collection of rings, bracelets and chains for men which was exquisite and indeed I was a little confused on what to pick! He has a weird feeling about wearing rings and he never wears one (we didn't even pick one for our engagement because of it) so ring was out of list. The chains were amazing but again he already has one and it's his lucky charm so I decided to go with my plan to get him a nice bracelet. I picked up this bracelet, billed it and rushed to the front thinking he might start feeling bored. But men are always men - he was still staring at the RE and walking around there :P

Once I went near him he was like "by any chance are you trying & entering this contest?" I just winked at him and told we will leave. He smiled and started back with me to home. He never asked what I purchased until we returned home and it was weird for me to just pop the bracelet in his hands without him asking ANYTHING! He was parking his bike and suddenly turned towards me asking "By the way you didn't tell me what you purchased? I was in Royal Enfield mode and didn't ask you until now. What you got?" I told him "come upstairs and will show you!" :)
Once we entered in I showed him the bracelet and he was in total shock for like 2-3 minutes. Then after a while of arguments and discussions and after knowing that I bought it for him out of the great love I have for him and also because I earned something extra through my blogging he was happy and the bracelet shines in his arms beautifully :) :)

Disclaimer: This post is a mix of reality and fiction (and I still dream about earning big through blogging :P).
This blog is written for “Ride the Royal” contest organised by Mehta Jewellery for their exclusive men’s collection. Do Visit Mehta Jewellery and check out their wide collection. Alternatively you can also visit and browse their collections online.

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