Faces MagnetEyes Kajal Review, Swatches

Kannukku Mai Azhagu
Kavidhaiku Poi Azhagu
Avaraiku Poo Azhagu
Avaruku Naan Azhagu!

Kohl Is Beautiful For Eyes
Lies Are Beautiful For Poems
The Flower Is Beautiful For Flat Beans
I'm Beautiful For Him!

Whenever I hear someone say Mai (kajal\kohl) this popular song from the 90s run in my mind!
And it's very true that nothing can make a girl's face look more gorgeous and pretty than her Kohl Rimmed Eyes (atleast upto me) :) I'm a huge kajal lover and love trying new kajals from time to time.
I was pretty happy with my Lakme Eyeconic Kajal and when Faces launched this one a year ago or so I was still in love with Eyeconic :P

Faces MagnetEyes Kajal Review, Swatches

Once I ran out of my kajals and wanted to buy a new pack I was like "why not try this?" and of course I did! Read on to know if I'm happy with my choice :)

Faces MagnetEyes Kajal Review, Swatches

What Faces Cosmetics Says?

This new age kohl is made with a unique smudge and fade proof formula is transfer resistant and keeps you stunning all day.Super soft and easy to apply this alluring kohl is loaded with antioxidants and minerals and is completely free of paraben. Water proof, Smudge proof and dermatologically tested

What It Contains?

Nothing mentioned on pack except Vitamin E and it's Paraben-Free

Price: 175 INR for 0.35 gms

Buy Here: Nykaa, Flipkart, Amazon

Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal

My Views On Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal

The Faces MagnetEyes Kajal comes in a fancy outer carton with black & white stripes and some red theme. The kajal itself comes in a bright red twist up packaging. It is a retractable kajal so no worries about sharpening it - means no wastage!

Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal

Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal Review, Swatches

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The Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal is a darkest black kajal - it's darker than both my favourite Eyeconic & Colossal ones. The kajal is super pigmented, smooth and creamy. It glides on easily both on upper and lower lashline. It doesn't tug at all which is great! Despite of being creamy the kajal is strong enough and doesn't break or chip off which is amazing! Colossal kajal always breaks for me :(
Also the kajal has no smell or fragrance at all which is a good thing :)

Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal Review

Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal Review

The kajal glides easily and is very convenient to draw thin & thick lines. It takes some time to set - guess it could be due to the creaminess of the kajal. It takes a minute or two to set but once set it stays put and doesn't smudge easily. The kajal stays smudge-free on my super oily lids for 4-5 hours which is great. It stays for the whole day on my waterline but if you have watery eyes then you might need a touch-up.

Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal Open

Also as the kajal is creamy and soft applying more on your waterline can lead to racoon eyes so have to be cautious about it. It doesn't irritate my eyes but if you have super sensitive eyes then it's good to do a patch test before using it for whole day. And it's a best choice for smokey eye looks! ;) All black kajal lovers would definitely love this kajal :)

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Faces MagnetEyes Kajal Swatches
On my waterline

Faces MagnetEyes Kajal Swatches
On waterline

Faces MagnetEyes Kajal Swatches

Faces MagnetEyes Kajal Swatches
On upper lashline

Rose Petals

Jet black color
Super pigmented
Soft and creamy texture
Totally fragrance free
Glides smoothly on lids, no tugs and pulls
Doesn't irritate eyes
Stays smudge free for 4-5 hours on lids and almost for whole day on waterline
It's paraben-free
Has Vitamin E which soothes eyes
Great for smokey eye looks


Takes a minute or two to set so smudges a bit if disturbed right after application
Not a great reco for watery eyes


I totally love it especially for it's jet black color and pigmentation and would repurchase when I run out of my kajals :) And definitely recommend it for any girl who loves blackest black kajal or kajal in general!

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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