Lakme Absolute Gloss Addict Pink Temptation Review, Swatches, LOTD

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Lipsticks lipsticks lipsticks everywhere! I'm a crazy crazy fan of lipsticks and that is one makeup product which I have tried from so manyyyy brands.
So how can I not try something from a very popular brand in India? I did and here is a detailed review on it - The Lakme Absolute Gloss Addict Lipstick in
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What Lakme Says?

Get addicted to the best of both worlds - Incredible hi-shine of a liquid lip gloss & one stroke application of a lipstick.

Join the gloss revolution and say hello to Lakmé Absolute Gloss Addict. Created by backstage experts at Lakmé Fashion Week, for runway-ready lips in 15 glamorous shades. Known for reinventing, Lakmé Absolute Gloss Addict delivers professional high shine – but with a lipstick.

How To Apply?

Step 1: Pull out the cap.
Step 2: Start applying from the centre of your upper lip.
Step 3: Work from the centre towards the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth.
Step 4: Glide across the entire bottom lip.

Price & Quantity: 800 INR for 4 ml

My Take On Lakmé Absolute Gloss Addict


The Lakme Absolute range products come in cute black & silver cartons which look cool. The lipstick itself comes in a sleek grayish black metallic packaging with transparent click-on cap.
The bullet is slanted which makes the application convenient and easy. The packaging is overall classy and elegant!

But sometimes the lipstick bullet tends to slide away from its place with regular use making it get dented easily :( Not sure if this is a problem with my lipstick alone or the entire range (however I have this issue with my matte one as well).

Shade Description

Lakme Absolute Gloss Addict Pink Temptation is a nice and bright bubblegum pink with shimmers in it. The shimmers are tiny and blend with the formula - they don't look OTT. However when applied more than 2,3 coats the shimmer becomes prominent making your face look pale & ashy. The shade would suit fair skin tones very well.

As the range is aptly named shade name has a nice glossy finish and the lipstick is very creamy. The lipstick has a mild vanilla fragrance which fades away after sometime of application.

Texture and Pigmentation

As Lakme Absolute Gloss Addict Pink Temptation is a glossy lipstick it has a nice glossy finish and a creamy texture. The lipstick spreads easily on lips and gives a nice opaque finish in two swipes. Doesn't emphasize lip flaws or settle down in your lip lines.

It's very light on lips and doesn't bother at all. However if you are a person who isn't comfortable with lip glosses then this is not for you as the lipstick tends to slide on your lips over time.
It transfers crazily so you will have to re-apply very frequently - almost after every glass of water :(


The Lakme Absolute Gloss Addict lipstick Pink Temptation is very hydrating on lips and keeps your lips soft and supple. However the lipstick lasts only for barely 2-3 hours on lips and fades away completely.
Atleast this shade doesn't leave any tint behind - just the shimmers!


Final Verdict

A nice hydrating lip color with wide shade selection. Amazing packaging. But not long-lasting, sheer and very pricey!
Not recommending it but there are some great shades in the range!

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