How To Choose Your Bridal Makeup Artist For An Indian Wedding

Uff it's so sultry these days and brides getting hitched in this season "I pity you! :("
Well keeping your bridal makeup in tact is a pretty hectic task and what if you choose the wrong MUA to do it?
Don't panic because we are going to give you our best learnt tips and ideas to choose the best Bridal Makeup Artist for your wedding!
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How To Choose Your Bridal Makeup Artist For An Indian Wedding

Being a beauty blogger I know the power of makeup and cannot emphasize more on how important is your makeup on your big day.
Your Bridal Makeup forms almost 80% of your look on the D-day and getting it done in the right way by the right person is far more important to look the best!
Just choosing a Bridal artist because he\she has worked with celebrities or picking someone because they stay near your place won't be ideal. No offense but these couldn't be the reasons to choose a particular MUA. Then what could be? Well here is the list :)

Know Your Budget

This would be my first and foremost tip while choosing a Bridal Makeup Artist or planning any wedding expenditure for that matter.
Make sure you plan the budget for your Bridal makeup so that you can choose your artist accordingly. You don't have to worry much if your budget is very low or high because there are excellent artists who charge less and ok-ish ones (no offense) who charge a bomb too :P

How To Choose Your Bridal Makeup Artist For An Indian Wedding

Once you have your budget fixed it would be convenient for you to concise a list of Makeup artists and further shortlist them!

Plan The Place

There are two options when it comes to "where" you get your Bridal Makeup done. You can either make the artist visit the wedding venue and get it done or alternatively you can visit their parlor\studio and have the makeup done there.
This totally depends on the artist's as well as the bride's\bridesmaids convenience and must be planned beforehand to avoid last minute chaos!

How To Choose Your Bridal Makeup Artist For An Indian Wedding

I recommend having the artist come over to the wedding venue as Bridal Makeup might take quite some time and there won't be any last minute tension\hassle to travel back to the venue after getting yourself ready - also the makeup would be secure <3
So while you choose an artist make sure to enquire them on whether they would be able to travel to the venue (if it's within the city or to a different city), the mode of travel they would be taking up and obviously if they would be charging you the expense of travel.
This would help in knowing the various options you would have and also to shortlist an artist who would fit your needs & budget!

Don't Hop Seeing The First Donut

Donuts are always tasty but when you keep tasting the first one every time you miss a lot of exciting flavors!
Same way when you blindly go with the first Bridal Artist you look at, then you miss a great deal of finding the best one at times!

South Indian Bride

You wouldn't pick the first saree you see and come out of the store right, would you? :P
It's always ideal to choose a few artists based on your budget and then go for shortlisting your favorite. This way you get to see more options and differentiate between what is offered by different bridal artists.

Educate Yourself

You might be a total novice in makeup or a skincare freak - educate yourself on the available bridal makeup options as much possible.
You don't have to memorize each and every product or technique in the market but make sure to know some basics as it would help you while discussing with your MUA!

How To Choose Your Bridal Makeup Artist

Also it would be great if you learn about your skin type, skintone and what kind of products your are allergic to as it would be very handy!

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Look For References

If you have any friends or family member who got married recently and you loved their wedding makeup then check with them for references on the MUA they booked as it would be helpful and easy to get acquainted with the artist when you book them.
It's good to go attend weddings now right? ;) :D

How To Choose Your Bridal Makeup Artist For An Indian Wedding

Find The One Who Knows His\Her Tools

Choosing the perfect MUA is like fitting yourself into the best pair of comfy shoes! You would never look back for another ;)
So once you are down with a list of MUAs be sure to meet them in person or discuss over call to know the services they offer, their packages, what kind of makeup they are expert at and what products they use. Do you know the types of bridal makeup?


Talking to them would make you get an insight of their work and always choose the one who knows what they would be doing, how and what they would be using :)

Look For Their Previous Work

Always do discuss with your Makeup artist prior to booking them and get a good look at their previous bridal looks.
This way you can get an idea on what kind of style they are good at and if you would be preferring the same. Never just keep holding on to the one celebrity look you like and be clingy.

Bridal Makeup

Look for other options as well and get ideas from the makeup artists on what would suit YOU best and there are lot of chances that you might be wrong with the look you chose!

Plan Your Requirements

Pre-plan your expectations and requirements you have with the makeup artist like the ones below and discuss it openly so that there wouldn't be any last minute confusions.
After all it's their profession and every MUA would be happy if they are treated professionally :)

Pointers to pre-plan before consulting a Bridal Makeup Artist
  • Your outfits and accessories, preparing a set of pictures of the same if you cannot carry them with you for the trial
  • Would the artist be doing only be your makeup or would you like to include getting the looks done for friends or family
  • The hairdo - if you want the MUA to do it
  • Would you be interested in purchasing a few makeup products for yourself and use them for the look
  • Would you like the MUA to arrange for any accessories for the look or will you be arraging them yourselves
  • Sharing the venue details and timings
  • Who should be contacted once the makeup artist reaches the venue
  • Any additional products\accessories you would like the MUA to bring with him\her for the makeup session
How To Choose Your Bridal Makeup Artist For An Indian Wedding

Never Miss The Trials

After shortlisting your bridal makeup artist based on the above factors, do book and get a trial makeup done with all the artists you have shortlisted.

Bridal Makeup

Most makeup artists offer free trials for you to decide on choosing them so this would be easy. If a MUA doesn't offer trials at all before booking them I would suggest it's safe not to book them as they might not be able to accommodate many of your requirements.
Once you have your trial makeup done you would be able to easily choose the artist whose work you love :)

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Discuss The Details

Ok so now we have come to the point where with the trials and everything we have found the ONE!
It's time to discuss all the details, your expectations and requirements with the makeup artist to see if they would be willing to accommodate your needs.
This way you will know their expectations as well, discuss and plan accordingly. Opening up and discussing every single detail would also help in knowing each other better and see if the makeup artist clicks with you ;)

How To Choose Your Bridal Makeup Artist

At this point if you are not happy with their package or if they don't click with you, you could go for the second choice you had and follow the same.

Finalize, Book & Don't Look Back

Once you find the perfect makeup artist make sure to finalize and book them - maybe pay advance or just booking whichever way it works for them.

Bridal Makeup

After finalizing never look back or keep looking for other makeup artists you come across as it might confuse you and make the job tough for you!
Book your Bridal Makeup Artist and relax. Let the woman do her job :)

So ladies these are the handy tips we have to help you select the perfect Bridal Makeup Artist for your D-day and get glowing! Happy wedding :))

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