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Time is fleeting and summers are killing me. Combating the heat, sweat and fatigue all day long takes my energy away :(
But life keeps going :)
I'm not much of an everyday blush person and I prefer wearing blush only during festivals or functions where I could flaunt a glow or rosy cheeks :D

But I love love highlighters and like mixing liquid ones with my foundation everytime I do a full face makeup or use the powder ones kinda everyday :P Nothing beats a good glow na? ;)
I always wanted a rose gold blush as I love the shade very much and I'm even looking for a good rose gold eyeshadow!
I wanted this blush for so long as it is a perfect combination blush & highlight in one pack and decided not to wait anymore so picked it up right away :)

Uff it's so sultry these days and brides getting hitched in this season "I pity you! :("
Well keeping your bridal makeup in tact is a pretty hectic task and what if you choose the wrong MUA to do it?
Don't panic because we are going to give you our best learnt tips and ideas to choose the best Bridal Makeup Artist for your wedding!
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How To Choose Your Bridal Makeup Artist For An Indian Wedding

Being a beauty blogger I know the power of makeup and cannot emphasize more on how important is your makeup on your big day.
Your Bridal Makeup forms almost 80% of your look on the D-day and getting it done in the right way by the right person is far more important to look the best!
Just choosing a Bridal artist because he\she has worked with celebrities or picking someone because they stay near your place won't be ideal. No offense but these couldn't be the reasons to choose a particular MUA. Then what could be? Well here is the list :)

Hello Pretties
How is your week going on? Mine is pretty decent!
So I use a lot of eyeshadows very frequently but I don't know why I don't review them here :O
Although I like and prefer palettes a lot but still I buy many single eyeshadows as well especially for peculiar shades!
Today's review is going to be about some single eyeshadows from a very affordable brand. Read on to know more ;)

Incolor Professional Baked Eyeshadows

Summers are here and we strive hard to keep ourselves hydrated, sweat-free & tan-free. But are we?
Well here is an amazing instant de-tan cream from Spinz which removes your everyday tan keeping your skin fresh and healthy!

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Lipsticks lipsticks lipsticks everywhere! I'm a crazy crazy fan of lipsticks and that is one makeup product which I have tried from so manyyyy brands.
So how can I not try something from a very popular brand in India? I did and here is a detailed review on it - The Lakme Absolute Gloss Addict Lipstick in
Go on click below and know more :D

There are innumerable choices when it comes to makeup and choosing one for your big day is really tough!
Today's post is going to be an eye opener for the brides-to-be out there in choosing their bridal makeup.
We will be discussing the types of bridal makeup available and who can choose what!
Before getting on to it make sure to take a note of the below points which are the high level tips to be remembered before stepping up to choosing a makeup.

Types Of Bridal Makeup To Choose For Your Wedding

  • Always keep your skin type and the type & level of coverage it would require to get the look you need before picking a makeup.
  • Invest in good quality products from established brands as good products help in yielding the good looks.
  • Choose your makeup artist wisely - always make sure the artist knows his\her field of work and is an expert it (or atleast efficient)!
  • Get the products tested out on your skin atleast few months before the wedding to make sure the products suit you and you aren't allergic to any of them.

Ok now let's get on with knowing the types of makeup available in the market!

 I'm a person who keeps trying new shampoos and conditioners every now and then. Currently I'm kinda obsessed with trying to find chemical-free shampoos as they seem to suit my hair better and also are so good for keeping your hair healthy!
Although there are a few paraben-free ones in the market now but still finding a totally chemical-free variant, especially without the sulphates is still a search for me! I'm looking to find affordable ones that are easily available too - so it takes time you know :)

Well today I'm going to review a paraben-free combo from Garnier - Garnier Ultra Blends Henna And Blackberry Shampoo, Conditioner. I have already reviewed their Royal Jelly & Lavender version here. Do check it out :)