Do You Know When To Throw Away Your Makeup Products?

We all use makeup in our everyday life and most of us enjoy using it.
But how many of us know when to REALLY throw a product away?
Do you know keeping and using a kajal until the expiry date mentioned in the pack would give you eye infections?

There are certain ways to know when a makeup product expires - the expiration date mentioned on the pack, the date of opening (a logo with an open container mentioned with a 3M or 6M or 12M means that's how long you can use it after opening) and there is a real timeline until which you can use your makeup! So in this post we are gonna see that real lifetime of your makeup products :)

This Is Your Liquid Liner, Gel Liner, Kajal & Mascara Talking

I'm the most contagious beauty product and never share me with anyone!
I have a good shelf life but once you open me consume me like a chilled beer :D cause I might not last more than 3 months :(
Once I start getting clumpy or start smelling like a rotten tomato, show no mercy - throw me away!
Oh wait maybe not as a whole - you can re-use my wand or the tube if you want like this :D

How to use me in the right way to get longer life (maybe 5-6 months)

Wipe off my bristles, tube mouth and wand after every application (before each dip). I know its tiresome but helps a lot!
Don't keep rubbing off the excess product at the ends of the tube and if you do, clean up immediately. It helps to keep the germs away.

Did I become hard and grumpy very soon? Oh you can give me a good hot water bath to melt me :D
Can also give me some beauty by adding few drops of contact lens solution inside my tube!

This Is Your Liquid & Cream Foundation\Concealer Talking

I give you a nice base for your makeup to glide on and I come in many shades.
I have a shelf life of 6 - 12 months depending on the brand (and sometimes on the date of opening) and you can choose the right shade to get the flawless base.
I live happily atleast for 12 months but if I change my color like a chameleon or have different layers in me (cream and oil separates) then get rid of me quickly coz I can give a hard time for your beautiful skin :(
If I'm a stick product then throw me away when I start hardening or cracking.

How to use me in the right way to get longer life

Keep me bottled up all the time to prevent me from drying up and please keep me away from UV rays - I'm even happy to stay in dark rather than where the UV rays touch me as they scare me away!
Wipe off my mouth (the bottle opening) with anti-bacterial\makeup wipes to keep me clean.
If I dry up sooner than you expect then you can add a teeny bit of your moisturizer to me and shuffle up to bring me back to life :D

This Is Your Lippy\Glossy Talking

You know I'm the most beautiful person in the world because if you have me then you can even forget rest of your makeup when you are lazy?
It instantly sazzy up your face and give an attractive look to it ;)
I come in various colors even the tacky ones and I have different textures - creamy, matte, glossy, moisturizing! Yup I give you a head spin to pick!

I have a shelf life of 2 years depending on the brand and I don't give much trouble to you :)
But once I dry up and make you drag me to get that curve painted or once I feel like a thick gel instead of a lucid product throw me away without second thoughts. You can always find a new one ;)

How to use me in the right way to get longer life

Sanitize the bullet tip after every use with anti-bacterial wipes. Best way is to use a disposable or makeup lip brush to apply it as it reduces the transfer of bacteria to the lipstick.
Always open the bullet only as much you want and not pull out the entire bullet :P
You can store me in an airtight container away from too much heat or cold to keep me safe!

This Is Your Nail Polish Talking

I generally have a very long life of 3-5 years and if I'm formulated the best I do stay more than that!
Discard me away if I change my color or separate into layers or dry up or become gooey or stink more than I used to.

How to use me in the right way to get longer life

To get a longer life, I can be stored in a refrigerator.
Wipe off my bottle opening frequently with a clean cotton pad dipped in polish remover to avoid product drying up around.
If I harden before you expect add a few drops of polish thinner and I will be good as new ;)

This Is Your Compact Powder, Powder Eyeshadow, Pencil Eye\Lip Liner, & Blush\Bronzer Talking

As we belong to the powder family we last better than other cosmetics and do justice :D
We have a shelf life of 2 years and if used wisely, you can finish us up (thumbs up)!
Using us and maintaining us is quite easy peasy!!
Ditch me when I harden or crack up :(

How to use me in the right way to get longer life

Use clean tools while using me and wipe off frequently with anti-bacterial wipes to prevent infection.

This Is Your Cream Shadows, Compacts & Blushes Talking

I have a shelf life of 12-18 months and we make your eyes\cheeks pop :)
I am satin-y to touch and glide easily. Your skin and me will become good friends quick & easy :P
But when I start to change color or feel hard & strong, or if I become enemies with your skin - toss me apart or use me on barbie dolls :D

How to use me in the right way to get longer life

Clean me after every use with anti-bacterial wipes or a spray of rubbing alcohol (beware as it sometimes dry me out).
Use clean tools while using me and keep me packed up in airtight space :)

Some General Tips While Using Makeup
  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before starting off with your makeup. Make sure you keep a hand sanitizer or wipes handy to clean in between too.
  • Use clean tools and make sure to clean them as soon as possible after use as this helps to get rid of the bacteria quick.
  • If you get an infection due to any of the makeup you use, stop using makeup for 2-3 days until you recover. Especially because using expired or old eye products can give you very quick infections :(
  • Always try and get of your makeup products soon after opening them because many of them start giving odd smells when they go bad!
  • Try to mostly keep the products in the cartons or boxes they come as it helps in 2 ways - to keep them contained & airtight and also can get the expiry dates easily.
  • A better way to remember expiry dates? Use the price stickers they use in stores or if your makeup is purely personal can use a permanent marker to write the dates on them (I follow this).
  • Need a best way to toss your makeup without trouble? Use an excel sheet\file or some document to have the expiry dates entered for all your products then and there when you purchase them and create reminders for each of them in your organizer. Although its a tiresome process, trust me this is hands down the best way to steer clear of expired products and also saves time while you wanna rush to check their expiry online (especially for makeup hoarders like me)!
So now you know when to toss your makeup out - sit, relax on your couch and get a list of what to throw out soon from your vanity ;)
Hope you find the post and tips useful! Do drop in your comments below :)

Until Next Time <3


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