Ananda Spa Light Facial Moisturiser For Oily Skin Review, Swatch, Demo

I got this in one of my Fabbags and and was impressed right away with the cute tiny tub :D I like cute little things!
Read on to know if it scores for more than its cuteness :)

What The Brand Says?

Rejuvenate your senses with Ananda Moisturiser for Oily Skin that mellifluously moisturizes your skin and lets it relax.
This light, non-greasy cream containing pure essential oils of Juniper and Holy Indian Basil enlivens and invigorates and brings a glow to dull and stressed skin.
Nourishing, cooling and antiseptic in nature.

What It Contains?

Containing pure essential oils of Juniper and Holy Indian Basil

How To Use?

Apply this soothing moisturiser to the face and neck in upward stroking movements. It can be used day and night and is suitable for dry, dehydrated, sensitive and normal skin.

Price: INR 1350 for 50 grams

My Views On Ananda Spa In The Himalayas Light Moisturizer For Oily Skin

The moisturizer comes in a cute little tub and as I said I love it! It comes with a tiny plastic lid on top of the tub to seal the moisturizer. This is good as it prevents the product from spilling.
But pretties always use clean hands to pick the product and apply it or use Q-tips as the tub packaging is really contagious.

The cream has a strong herbal smell, guess its the smell of basil and I just love the aroma. But if you are not a fan of strong fragrances then this isn't for you!

The moisturizer is a rich white cream, feels little greasy to touch. Despite of the greasiness the moisturizer just sinks into your skin and gets absorbed like dream. Just a tiny touch of it can cover your entire face. Don't go overboard or you might end up like an oil can :(

The cream doesn't form a stubborn layer on your skin which is amazing. It sinks into your skin and if you have oily skin you are going to love it during application ;)
Although it sinks into your skin, it doesn't keep oil away for long - I mean its not a moisturizer that would prevent your skin from getting oily over time. You need your blotting sheets for that!

So now comes the best part - I started using it as my night cream and trust me ladies it is the best :)
I use a little more than I use for daytime and the next morning I wake up with baby soft skin. I really feel awesome touching my skin next morning!

I don't feel this really improves my skin anyway, but gives a good and well moisturized skin.

Rose Petals

Dream like texture, just sinks into your skin
Cute tub packaging
Works wonderful as a night cream
Nice herbal fragrance


Doesn't control skin from getting oily
Too tiny quantity


Final Thoughts: I do really love this as a night cream but its too pricey and the quantity is very less. So although I love it I wouldn't be buying it as I can easily find alternatives from my drugstore brands!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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  1. Sound of this cream is good. Would love to try this.


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