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Every girl loves to pamper herself with great skincare & haircare products be it homemade or store-bought and everyone loves a bit of makeup to boost their self esteem!
Being a beauty blogger I definitely do and I keep looking for new sites that would give me what I want with some boosted discounts ;)

That is when I came across Aplava - Your Personalized Beauty Store! :)
Interested to know more? Read on buds :)

So out of so many online stores to buy Beauty products from various parts of the world, what is so special about Aplava?

  • Clean & Neat Interface
  • Easy Navigation
  • Access to many major brands at all price ranges 
  • Personalized recommendations that are really personalized!
  •  Excellent customer service
  • High Quality products
  • Gives you a chance to pickup the products for your complete skincare regime from a single place (no kidding!)
  • Beautiful & wide collection of Anti-aging creams and yup im planning to try myself a good one from it :)
  • Products are nicely categorized
  • They have a cute personalized tape for packaging :D 

The best part of Aplava is their customized product recommendations. Once you fill out the quiz on every category you browse, you see a 'Recommended For Me' link which shows all recommended products for you based on your quiz in that category!

The quiz is like this:

They address almost every single concern to give a perfect customization. Kudos Aplava team for this :)

They are pretty much doing an excellent job as a start up but they still have a few more turn-offs which when groomed can make them a big hit in the market!
  • Cart doesn't get emptied automatically after checkou
  • Coupons and loyalty points cannot be used together on the same order
  • Not much discounts on products except loyalty points
  • Order shipping details (courier & tracking) not updated in order details
  • Free shipping only over 999, many other sites offer for orders above 300 or 499
My Shopping Experience With

So I did a shopping with them and placed an order for around 1000 INR - testing the waters you see ;) and Im pretty much amazed.
I ordered a few products and Maybelline colossal liner in shiny beige is one among them. This product seemed to be OOS and their customer care executive promptly gave me a call to inform about this. I requested for the Maybelline Colossal Matte liner in exchange and as they didn't have it in stock they surprised me with a product of same pricing. Cool idea I would say :)
But they could've avoided this fuzz by marking it as OOS in the page itself :(

So I placed my order on 25th (night) and got the call on 29th from the customer care. They explained me that they checked for the product outside in the market too to satisfy my requirement so sweet of them :)
But 4 days delay can be avoided and they could have reached me out in a day or two max after trying.
Finally my order was shipped on 30th and I received it on 6th.

Here is what I got (oh ya the makeup remover was the surprise replacement)

Loved the box, the shopping tips guide, especially their customized tape (oh it has polka dots on it :D) and the 300 off gift card for next purchase <3
So the packaging gets 100\100 from me :D

Overall they are amazing for a startup and they get a 4.8 out of 5 from me.
As said if they avoid tiny flaws they can become flawless in the market! ;)
And yeah im already planning my next order after seeing their skincare range! :O

Do checkout aplava and let me know your comments :)

~ This is a sponsored post!

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