Try It: Heatless Curls At Home - Easy, Effortless And No Expenditure!

Tired of trying those velcro curlers and make them hold on your hair?
Sick of applying heat to get those curls?
Worry not! Here is your easiest way for heat free curls ;) :D

I'm a girl blessed with straight hair and as the world says 'opposite poles attract' I'm always attracted to curly hair. I get dragged when I see someone with beautiful curly locks!! Though I have curlers with me I'm still skeptical to use them frequently. Results - I ended up trying and finding a heat free method to get those luscious curly locks ;) :) Read on to know how easy peasy it is :D

The Essentials:

Few rugs (pieces of cloth) that are atleast 20-25 cms wide (can opt to more width if you have long & thick hair)
Spray bottle filled with fresh water
Your hair well brushed and tangle free :P

The Technique:

Basically this curling method involves tying\rolling up your hair with the rugs and getting them naturally curled. So make sure you have enough rugs to cover your entire volume of hair.

Spray your hair with a little water using the spray bottle. This will help hold the curls well.

Split your hair into partitions and comb them well until its tangle free.

Pick up a rug, open it fully and place it horizontally at the tip of a partition. Your hair must be perpendicular to the rug.

Now fold the rug into half, holding the hair tip in between. Once done fold it again upwards together with your hair. Keep rolling it until the height you want your hairs to be curled.
Now tie the ends of the rug as a knot so that it will hold up the curled part of your hair.
I always curl only half of my hair as it look se*y with curls and completely curled hair doesn't fantasize me :P

Repeat the above step on all the hair partitions until your hair is curled completely.
Now let the rugs sit for an hour atleast. You can spritz your hair with water in between to make the curls hold better. Also these rugs are super comfy - so you can even sleep with them on ;)

I made my sissy keep it for 1 and a half hours. She has quite thick hair and see how well the curls are! :D

The curls do last for a whole day if you keep them undisturbed. Never comb your hair after curling as it would loosen all your curls making your hair plain and wavy. If you like you can detangle or just comb your hair with your fingers to loosen the curls a little and make your hair look gorgeous :))

Hope you liked the tutorial. Do give it a try to get amazing locks and if you do, drop in a pic in my FB page - would love to see :D

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