Hello sweethearts!

The weather in Chennai is getting cooler day by day due to the rains and I'm enjoying it (even got 2 days off this week coz of it ;))
I had wonderful and healthy hair until I moved to Chennai :( The water here has made my hair rough and it has totally lost its shine. Though Im trying to restore it through natural ways I was also on the look out for a good hair serum to give a temporary shine to my hair. By now you must have known that I don't easily invest a huge amount on products unless I know they are worth it. So again I was looking for an affordable serum and Livon was too famous that time! So I picked up this detangling hair fluid by Livon to try. Read on to know how it worked for me!

I have oily combination skin and that makes my nose prone to blackheads and whiteheads every now and then. Though I do at home facials once in a while I do prefer using a face scrub twice a week to keep my pores clean.
This daily scrub did look convenient and pocket friendly, so I picked it up to know if it can become my go to face scrub. Read on to know how it worked out :)