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It was a busy Monday morning and I was getting ready for office (of course with no interest to leave). I have the habit of having my TV on all the time whether I watch it or not. So it was still on and they were telecasting Arya movie – again the interest to leave for office drained completely and I was stuck watching TV for a while. My office cab came just on time making me skip my breakfast and jump into my superwoman wheeler coasters! I collected my handbag and id card hastily and ran out to get my cab.

Uff a very relaxing moment of a Monday morning – settling down in the car and refreshing :) When I was relaxing for a few minutes, we were hitting the OMR and suddenly the car stopped. I peeped out of the Window to see if we were stuck in some signal but no it was the place where we had never got stuck in years! I was bit panic as the next thought running in my mind was “oh is there any accident? :(“

I was curious to know what is wrong and got down from the car. My cab driver was like “Madam please come and sit, it will clear up now. We will leave.” I was like “2 minutes anna (we call all drivers as brothers here), will see what is happening and come.”
I noticed that there was a huge crowd and not all people were looking normal – they appeared to be pretty much happy and excited. I walked a little further and someone just jumped high in the midst of the crowd.

I couldn’t just believe my eyes!! It was bunny. Yes it was the same sweet and cute Allu Arjun. I couldn’t resist after that so I tore apart the crowd as much as possible to get closer and watch what is going on.
So there was a shooting going on for Allu Arjun’s dance show and guess what – it wasn’t just any dance show, its one of the kind and a twosome show! Yes you read it right – the show is going to be charged with energy as Allu Arjun’s sensational moves and Anushka Manchanda’s magical voice are coming together.

It was sorta a street show to trigger up the spirit for the show and the cute bunny was dancing for Anushka’s super duper hit – Horn ok please to pep up the surroundings. It was real treat to eyes on a Monday morning for really sore eyes :)

Joining the gang I started feeling super charged and kinda started to dance too while I felt a sudden pain on the back of my head. Yup it was all a dream and I fell down from cot thinking I was dancing (of course I was but in my dream and not in reality). Despite of the fall I was only worried that its going to be just another boring Monday. However I hope this comes true and would be a thrilled and fun filled show if Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda come together for doing a hot shot dance show!!

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