Review Meter: Nioxin System 1 - Personalised 3 Part Hair Care Sytem Review

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Remember my post about the launch of a US based hair care brand named Nioxin in India?
If you have missed it, then please read it here :)

So I was provided a personalised 3 part system to take home with me and it was the System 1 - which is for normal to thin looking, fine textured natural hair.
I have been using the system for a month and come on its review time!

Nioxin System 1

It utilises three specialised technologies:


With cystine amino acids and lightweight conditioning and treatment ingredients - helps provide thicker-looking hair by increasing the fullness of each hair strand, and reducing hair fall through strengthening resilience against damage and breakage.

Transactive Delivery System

With antioxidants, boanicals, vitamins and purifying agents to help clean away follicle-clogging sebum and environmental residues from the scalp skin, leaving the scalp feeling clean and refreshed.


With white tea extract, peppermint oil and cleansing agents to help cleanse and provide a refreshed scalp environment and healthy shine to natural hair.

Price: INR 2390 for the set of 3 products -cleanser, scalp treatment, scalp revitaliser

My take on Nioxing System 1:

The system contains 3 products - the cleanser (150 ml), the scalp revitaliser (150 ml) and the scalp treatment (50 ml) which is similar to CTM for your skin. Scalp is the extension of your facial skin and why not treat it the same way :)

NIOXIN Cleanser

Gently massage on to scalp and hair. Lather for 1-2 minutes. Rinse well. Follow with Scalp Revitaliser.

The cleanser comes in a white bottle with click-flip cap. It has a gel like appearance but is quite liquid-y so no issues in spreading the product.
The shampoo has a good load of menthol - smells mint feels mint. It has the perfect amount of menthol in it which calms your scalp very nicely.
The shampoo is super effective in cleansing the scalp and your scalp would feel super clean - you probably would've never felt your scalp so squeaky clean :D So people with oily scalp would love the shampoo as it makes the hair super clean and rips off the oiliness from hair. Hair feels bit dry after shampooing. People with dry hair would however not feel comfortable with it as it would rip off every bit of moisture from your hair :(

NIOXIN Scalp Revitaliser

Apply from scalp to ends. Leave on for 1-3 minutes, rinse well. Follow with Scalp treatment.

The scalp revitaliser is the conditioner and is like any other conditioner. It is very soft and buttery in texture. The specialty of this conditioner is that it can be applied DIRECTLY to your scalp. Yes! you read it right - it can be directly applied and massaged on your scalp as this system is majorly for the scalp and not just your hair.

The conditioner is over-loaded with menthol and is extremely chill and cool. You will definitely feel it extreme while leaving it on your scalp. If you are prone to headache due to heavy conditioners or fragrances, then you will need to stay away from this one :(

The conditioner provides excellent conditioning to the hair making it fuzz free and super manageable. My hair feels soft and silky after conditioning.

NIOXIN Scalp Treatment

For best results, use daily. Apply once hair is towel-dried. Dispense evenly over entire scalp from a distance range of 1-2 cm. Do not rinse. Vitamin enriched formula. May cause temporary redness and a warming sensation following application.

The scalp treatment comes in a tiny bottle with spray nozzle that helps to spray and spread product easily on scalp. It works like moisturizer for your scalp by soothing it and keeping it fresh.
As instructed it causes a warming feel that it super relaxing after a menthol over-loaded conditioning but doesn't cause any irritation. For me personally it causes a little itching which settles down in few minutes.

Overall results:

Overall the Nioxin System 1 helps keeping my scalp clean and fresh and keeps my hair super healthy and frizz free. I use it twice a week and Hairfall did reduce during the initial few days but is not controlled more than that. I still have the same level of hairfall and no hair thickening happened as well. Anyways this is not going to be the conclusion as I will be trying it for few more days to come to a conclusion.
Will keep you posted, keep watching this space :)

See how healthy my hair is *blush*

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