Review Meter: Garnier Overnight Peeling Cream (Night Cream)

I'm basically a very lazy girl when it comes to using skincare products religiously (except makeup removal stuffs :P) and I keep cheating all the time :D
But recently I took up a challenge for myself to atleast try following a night skincare regime genuinely and see how my skin improvises :)

I have tried Garnier products in the past and though none of them were aww to me but still I somehow felt picking the Ganier Overnight Peeling cream over a Lakme night cream :P
So read on to know how it faired!

What The Brand Tells?

How To Use Garnier Overnight Peeling Cream?

Price: 99 INR for 18 gms

My Take on Garnier Overnight Peeling Cream

As I said I just wanted to follow a night time skin care regime religiously and that was the reason I picked up this cream. This is claimed to be a peeling cream and not just a regular night cream - meaning it is supposed to peel off your dead skin cells overnight giving a well-revived new skin. It is recommended to be used every night for 28 days to achieve the expected results.

The cream comes in the regular signature Garnier style packaging - a yellow jar with white lid. The cream contains lemon and fruit extracts and Vitamin CG which helps in skin lightening.

The cream has a super soft and buttery texture and it just blends with your skin when applied. The cream gets absorbed very easily. I started using the cream continuously for a week and I really felt my skin was wonderfully rejuvenated. My skin started feeling very soft and supple. Skin feels a lot more toned and tightened too.

I have been using this cream since 2 months but couldn't see any peeling effects as like other peeling creams provide. I don't have much problematic skin but however I could see my dark spots fading a little but can't really say its disappearing anytime sooner.

So its really a very nice night cream that gives you soft, supple and toned skin which look healthy too :) But no dramatic effects of fading away dark spots, skin peeling or anything like that.
So if you are looking for a decent night cream that rejuvenates your skin overnight, then go ahead and pick this one and you won't regret :)


Affordable pricing
Cute and bright packaging, travel friendly
The cream has a buttery texture and just blends on skin (gets absorbed completely)
Rejuvenates the skin overnight leaving it soft and supple
Improves skin texture and makes it feel more toned


Doesn't give a peeling effect or fade away dark spots as claimed
Doesn't lighten skin as stated

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Recommend\repurchase: I would recommend it if you are looking for a decent night cream
Yes would definitely repurchase it until I find a better cream :)

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