Hack & Crack Sunday: Tangling Chains? Get Rid Of Em ;)

Firstly a big SORRY for the delay in this post! It should've been up on Sunday but I delayed 2 whole days to post it up coz I was stuck with no Internet\Laptop for past 2 days (sudden travel plan) :(
Anyways I'm back now and I wanted this post to be up first without any delay :)

So how many of you have been fighting with your long and short chains to detangle them every now and then?
Lazy and bored to pack them in individual packs so they stay tangle-free?
Then this little trick might help you in keeping them in place without getting tangled!

I have tried all possible ways to keep my chains tangle-free from keeping them in the store bought cover\tag to covering them individually in tissue wraps to keep them tangle-free. But none of it worked the same way over time as it is too much of work :P

So one day I was thinking why not I try the same technique I use for my headsets to my chains as well?
Yes this is how I usually keep my headset too ;)

So the simple technique is to KNOT EM UP!!

Yeah you read it right. The simplest way to keep your long & short chains tangle-free is by folding them into 2-3 strands and knotting them up in such a way that it more or less looks like a bow :D
By doing so your chains won't tangle with other chains and end up increasing your BP when you choose to pick that neckpiece in the last minute before leaving to work (I do it very often and I know that feeling :P)

Note: This is not for your more fragile pieces. Please keep them wrapped in separate tissue sheets to keep them tangle-free.

so why wait? Try this and let me know if it helps you too ;) :)

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