My Look Up Story – The story of optimism

A brave and bold #LookUp gives you strength and fills you with optimism.

A Sharp #LookUp gives you courage.

So here is my look up story, a piece from my life that changed my thoughts and made me optimistic towards a clean and green India.

I have a friend\team mate who keeps saying not to dispose trash wherever you stand and dispose it in the sani bins. Though we followed it once or twice it was feeling like a joke for us and we kept forgetting to do it everytime. He kept repeating it everytime we threw something away and going one step ahead, he used to pick up any wastages he see on the pathway and throw them out in the sani bins. This act of him made almost all of us in the gang feel shameful and guilty at the same time.


As good friends, we started following it during his presence atleast to make him happy. This intention slowly started growing into a habit for me and I started looking for sani bins everytime I was about to throw something away! I slowly realised the real necessity to follow this cleanliness as it not only helps me but my nation too. This tiny act felt like my major contribution to my country :)
But I never felt proud for doing it as I never felt it is such a big thing until that day arrived in my life.
I was traveling to my hometown in a train and bought a parcel for breakfast. Only after finishing my breakfast I realised that Southern railways aren’t so cautious to keep sani bins in each compartment (atleast not in the train I travel :( ). As the habit of throwing thrash ONLY in bins has outgrown in me, I couldn’t just throw it away through the window and relax :( I was waiting for a stopping to throw it away.

People around me started looking at me strangely – maybe they felt like I’m gonna pack up the empty parcel home :P Though their look embarrassed me I couldn’t just drop off the parcel because of this conscious thought running in my mind :)

After 35 minutes of non-stop travel a stopping arrived (the train will stop just for 2 minutes) and I rushed out to throw it away in a bin :D I felt super happy for two reasons – I succeeded in my own accomplishment of not throwing away thrash like an animal and uff free hands ;)

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Once I got back into my compartment, the guy who was sitting opposite to me stood up and said “awesome!”. I was shocked and thought maybe he is speaking to someone over phone and sat in my place. He then sat off and asked me my name and we were talking for a while. He was a guy in his final year of college and was trying to get placed before his studies get over. Oh ya I remembered my final year struggles too :P Finally he appreciated me with a note “Guys can easily follow such manners but being a girl, just hats off to you :)” though it was a lot of appreciation, I really felt proud that day and my heart was whole-heartedly thanking and appreciating that friend of mine :) :)

Nothing comes easy in life and a little optimism can boost your life highly. Optimism is not only being positive in your own life and keep yourself happy but optimism is in spreading the positive vibes to people around you and making them feel that their life is better :)
On a note yeah now I have taken the campaign of telling people to keep their country clean – after all, it’s my “Mother India” :)

So this is my story of LookUp - Out Think, Out See, Out Do and fill the world with optimism.
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"Together we stand, divided we fall!!"

Yes that's right, together is not just a word but it is something which spreads optimism and strengthens you from inside. Someone's mere presence makes you feel strengthened while someone must keep talking to make you feel better. However being together with the people you love always spreads happiness, smiles and makes you optimistic.

Recalling past memories are always sweet :)
While speaking about togetherness, I can never miss my bestie-sissy in my life. She is the best friend I ever had in my life and a best meaning for togetherness :)

We became mates from the day we attended our final round of interview. We started clinging on each other just to make sure we would get a company after joining :P Either of us never thought we would grow out to be the best friends :D We became roomies, and started exploring Chennai. Those were the best times I had ever spent with a friend :) The world started looking us as sisters rather than friends seeing the way she took care of me <3

Both of us have a very similar nature - happy going, bubbly, naughty filled with positivity :)
It was a time I went through a tough time in my personal life and was upset for a whole week. I stopped speaking with anyone and became a psychopath :P She was the only person who was with me all the time as I used listen only to her. I gave her a tough time too by being very silent (total opposite to my born nature) and starved like hell. She used to get me food but I never ate any of it. I troubled and irritated her to the core and one can never be patient with you at all moments (of course except your mom :) ) but my sweetheart had never shown a teeny bit of anger or hatred on me. She consoled me, convinced me and kept talking with me for the whole week in such a way that I recovered very quick from my depression. She treated me like a kid and made me realise that there is no point in being a psychopath :P Her optimistic words were the reason for my recovery :)

She is such an optimistic person (only to others :P), filled with care, soothing words and immense patience. She had always treated me like her own kid :) Every #together moment of ours was filled with happiness and optimism. We spread smiles wherever we went. Those are the unforgettable moments in both our lives #Together :) :)

That sweety naughty kid is now married and settled down happily :) [Of course I'm still in love boat ;) :P ] Whenever I think of togetherness or friends, she is the one who instantly hits my mind & heart. Lachu you will always be loved :) <3

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Are you a person who craves for tasty food?
Who loves to travel anywhere to treat your taste buds?
Who love love loves yummy delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes?
Then Singapore is the place you must never miss visiting in your life especially for their tasty, delicious, yummy and drool-worthy foods :):)

Here are my favorite Singaporean recipes. Basically I'm a pure vegetarian and you all know how much tough it is for a vegan to get tasty food anywhere we go! Basically we need to adopt to living with cheese burgers and fresh juices\coffee as these are the ones we get easily at any place :(
But Singapore - out of the world and they have so many awesome restaurants with yummy vegetarian food stuffs ;) Let me list them to make you droooolllllll :D

Veggie Lasagna

Veg lasagna is a delicious treat for all vegans with their favourites - healthy vegetables, yummy noodles and tasty cheese fillings. This is a layered dish with super yummylicious flavour.
The dish is assembled in a way like - a layer of yummy veggies (cooked with required flavouring), a layer of lasagna noodles, a layer of cheese and same topping repeated for required number of layers. This assembling is baked and the cheese gives such an yummy look to the lasagna. Trust me people, you won't miss meat at all :)

 Myanmar-style salad

I'm a salad lover and this one felt like it was made specially for me. Crunchy munchy salad with contrasting flavours of mint, peanut crunch, turnips etc. - amazingg!!!! :) It just gave me the feel of my home food :)

Veg Avocado wrap

A burst of fresh avocado with capsicum, cucumber, cabbage, carrot and onion slices, dressed with cottage cheese and flavoured with garlic pepper spicy mix gave me the feel of eating a relaxing supper at my home :)

Raspberry rhapsody cheesecake

No meal ends without a dessert isn't it?
So here is the dessert I love from the Singaporean recipes - raspberry cheesecake made out of delicious chocolate with raspberry fillings. A chocolate lover like me can never skip it :) :)

Peanut butter ice-cream

Boy oh boy! Quite innovative recipe with ultimate flavour. I love peanuts but I'm not much of a lover of ice-creams but this one made me try one more cup ;)

Do visit Saingapore and drench your taste buds with their yummy delicious food :):)

And add some fun :) :D

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I know this is super late but I wanted to show you all what I got in my Feb 15 Fabbag. We all know how fab is the Fabbag team in choosing the products for every person. Though it isn't suepr personalized yet but still most of the products sent through each fabbag is being loved. That is the way a subscription service has to be!

So here is my uber chic and stylish Date night bag ;)

So What Would I #ChooseToStart With The All New Enhanced Moto E?
Read on to know it :)

I was a person who took a while to get accustomed to smart phones basically due to two major reasons - price and sophistication.
My first ever smart phone was Sony Xperia W8 as I'm a Music Lover and Sony is always meant was wonderful user experience! I still treasure and have my old mobile with me because it was my first ;)

As Motorola started entering the smart phone world, my eyes always revolve around the Moto models and I see a lot of people keep comparing Moto G\X\E with similar models from other brands. So Moto is someway benchmarked!!

There is a saying "Benchmarking others is competition and Benchmarking your own standards is challenge and brings success!". Very true to these words the Moto team has benchmarked their own products from the past (Oh god I'm getting goosebumps while typing this - why?!) to re-discover and create the all new Moto E.

After analyzing with various audience on why they Love Moto E (1st Gen) and what they hate in it, and also after analyzing the 'Love features' of their other smartphone models, the Moto team has come out with a phone which literally is pocket friendly :D The enhanced and long lasting 2390 mAh battery life from Moto E (1st Gen), their signature sleek, se*y, curvy design from most popular Moto X, knowing customer pulse - a new 0.3 MP front cam for selfies and video calls (how sweet) and all of these in a budget friendly price :) :) Read on to know what is so special with the new Moto E.

So What Would I #ChooseToStart With The All New Enhanced Moto E?

The Quad Core Processor

Game lovers, Movie lovers this is for you! Enhanced speed and no more junk cleaning to speed up your smartphone ;) [I always need to clean up my current phone to enhance its speed *sob*]
The all new Moto E comes with 1.2 GHz quad core processor.

Sleek and Curvy Design

A curved back, ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand - and not bend in your back pocket.

Lollipop OS

No its not the store bought lollipop candy :P Its Android 5 OS which makes the all new Moto E lead the smartphone world ;)

Affordable Pricing

While mobiles with soooo many features are priced sky high, our all new Moto E is offered with a pocket friendly price tag (6,999 INR) which is affordable for anyone who is looking for a budget smartphone. After all, you get a super high end smart(est) phone at a budget price ;) :)

Motorola Assist

This is a special feature included only in Moto smartphones. You can use your personal assistant 'the Motorola Assist' to help you with you sleeping and meeting schedules (my bf loves it in his Moto G ;)) :)


4.5" qHD display (TFT LCD Touchscreen) with Gorilla glass. The 960 x 540 Pixels resolution gives you the sharpest and crisp display. You will love to watch videos or read your favourite books on this display. So again a boon for gaming people too :D

Extended Battery Life

This Moto device comes with a 2390 mAh battery that is designed to last all day long. So, keep going without having to stop to recharge your device.

I #ChooseToStart with Moto E for these features and what do I get additionally?

Quick Capture

Quick Capture has been one of the most popular features we have on Moto X. So we decided to bring it to Moto E, too. It's just one more way we are able to bring our premium innovation into a smartphone that doesn’t break the bank.

3G\4G LTE Support

Supports 3G - come on see your loved ones now while you speak and get that enhanced browsing experience too :)

Dual Cam (Front and Back)

A cute little front cam for selfies and video calling (Oh ya 3G support :))
A high definition 5 MP rear cam for getting seamlessly beautiful pictures - make your pals click you or take a group pic ;)
The elegant spin finish around the camera bezel and texture on the buttons are a sweet addition :)

Customizable colorful Grip Shells

You can customize Moto E by choosing from colorful Motorola Bands or Grip Shells that are easy to swap out, so you can change your phone accent color as often as you want. Not only are the patented bands designed to look great, but they also feature a unique ridged pattern which provides an even better grip.

 A Good Size Internal Memory

The budget smartphone offers an excellent internal memory of 8 GB which is super beneficial.
They support moving apps to the external memory (32 GB expandable) too. So no need to worry if you internal memory is full - just push any huge app to your SD card and enjoy :)

 Beginning from the moment I open my eyes till the time I hit bed, my smartphone is my best companion and it is the best way to stay connected to my world of lovely friends and family :) So people when a smart phone offers soooooooooo many excellent features that too at a budget prize, I would say grab it!! Uff... I wonder how my first smart phone experience would have been if my first smartphone was new Moto E (#IChooseToStart with Moto E)

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Hello pretties!

Today I’m going to review one of my favourite face washes which is good and perfect for everyday use.

Product name: Aroma Magic Grape Fruit Face Wash (Skin Lightening & Pore Tightening)
Product type: Face Wash

Brand: Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic

Price: INR 70 for 50 gms and INR 125 for 100 gms

What does the brand say?

I am 100% free of paraben, soap, alcohol, artificial colouring & fragrance.
I clean, lighten & brighten your skin with grapefruit, lemon & aloe vera extracts.
I tighten your pores with vitamin C & beta carotene.
I mattify & revitalize your skin with the blend of palmarosa & neroli essential oils.

My take on Aroma Magic Grape Fruit Face Wash:

I was running out of face washes and suddenly received the gift I won in a contest held by Aroma Magic on their FB page. The package contained this full size (50g) face wash and a few samples. I have been using this for 2 months now and guess it’s time to review it!

It is a wonderful everyday face wash for combination skin that cleanses the skin very well. It leaves your skin squeaky clean and fresh. It has a lovely paan pasand smell – so if you are a fan of it like me then you will love this wash just for the smell ;)

The face wash gives you super fresh feel and makes you feel refreshed. Also it mattifies your skin and keeps it oil free for a good time of 4-5 hours (I have moderately oily combination skin with super oily lids). Though it keeps your skin oil free but it dries out the skin immediately after washing your face. But it’s not something which cannot be managed with a little moisturizer (oily skin beauties can put your moisturizers into good use ;)).

Rose Petals:

Lovely paan pasand smell
Completely natural – soap free, paraben free
Feels super fresh after washing your face
Easily available & pocket friendly
Mattifies your skin and leaves it squeaky clean
Gives you oil free skin for a good time (minimum 3 hours)
Easy to use flip lid & travel friendly too


Dries out skin after washing
Doesn’t produce much lather (for a foam lover like me it’s a minus :P)

Overall thoughts: "The wash that refreshes you in just one use!!"


Rating: 3.8 out of 5

#StartANewLife - This was a decision which was supposed to be taken almost an year before and we were postponing it continuously as we weren't confident enough!

Yes it is almost an year since my baby bro graduated and got a job. We were living\working in the same city (Chennai) but in different places. I wasn't feeling good from the beginning as we are siblings and we are bound to be together (atleast living under one roof, otherwise we are rivals :P)
But days passed, months passed and we weren't ready to take the decision of moving together.

Both of us are very much independent and we hate to be dependent on someone for any reason. Though we were sharing our living place with our friends, we maximum prefer doing things ourselves and don't depend on others. This nature of us kept dragging the decision a long way. A day came when I popped up the question to him "We live in same city. Why not we move in together to a house?". His answer was a blunt no with a reason 'it won't workout'.

The major concerns were expenditure (obviously as we need to pay our rent, bills etc. - 2 sharing from 4\5 sharing is tedious), finding a place common to both of us (I never like the place he lived in and he didn't like mine :P) and safety as I would be alone if he is traveling somewhere or wants to stay at a friend's place.
All these tiny concerns looked huge whenever we discussed about this.

After 3 months, he himself called me up and told me to look for a place. I was filled with enthusiasm as from the beginning I needed a home rather than a house!

We chose a area common to both of us and I started looking for a house (responsibility was mine ;))
I was puzzled as I couldn't find a proper place - one house had A\C and all but rent was 20K (:O what?!), there was no pictures for one ad, no correct address in the other.
Just a week before the month ends, we were in a hotseat to get a house quick and that is when my baby bro gave me the right place to look for a house!

He called me "Hey! We just have one more week. Check in Housing.Com for a house and decide soon."
Me " Is there a site like that?"
"Of course ya. Its very easy to use and can find a house very easily. Its blocked here in my office. Check soon and tell me."

This was the first meeting between me and Housing ( The moment I saw the site, I know my dream place can be found there.
They have a beautifully and colorfully designed site embedded with maps to locate the place you are looking which helped me a lot as we were looking for a house nearby to my mom's sister's house.
Within an hour I filtered 3 houses out of which we chose one and moved in within a week ;)

Though it was  tough decision to make for both of us, we are a happy pair of siblings now living under one roof :)

These kids are now not only siblings but roomies too ;)

Life is always full of surprises and it is not gonna be the same everyday.
Starting a new life is always essential to spice and pep up your life and give a meaning to it.
I #StartedANewLife through #StartANewLife. Did you?

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