Yubi Lax Germa – A ‘Hand’y Tool ;)

Sore and tired hands?
Do you have loads of love for your arms and fingers?
Feel like treating your hands the best way?
Then this is a boon for you!

Yubi Lax Germa is a gentle massager tool for your hands and fingers to keep them relaxed.
Your hands are the part of your body which feels muscular pains very easily even after a little strain. So it is always good to give them a good massage.

This handy tiny massager tool gives the best and comfortable massage for your hands making them feel relaxed and happy happy!! :)

Price: I got it for 120 INR

Availability: Available at Amazon India and Rediff (preferred)

Design of the tool:

The tool comes in bright orange color.
The handle is made of plastic and the massage rollers are made of rubber like material which eases the massaging.

How to use:

Hold the massager in desired angle with the roller facing your skin.
Gently roll the massager on your hands. You can put in a little pressure if required.
To massage your fingers, place your fingertip in between the rollers and massage them.
Repeat the massage until needed\feel relaxed.

Note: Dip your palms in warm water before the massage to get the best massage and utmost relaxation :D


Gives wonderful massage to your palms and fingers leaving them super relaxed
Best stress buster
Helps in relieving swollen palms (which happens due to over-pressure and sweat)
Cheap and worth the price
Available online easily


The roller can be a bit hard in the beginning while massaging your fingers. You need to be careful until it loosens or otherwise there are chances for you to hurt your fingertip

Rating: 5 out of 5

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