Know The Basics: Know Your Skin Type (Pictures and Steps to find your skin type)

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Being a woman needs a lot more responsibility and knowledge. So this is my small step towards making us women understand basics about ourselves - especially about our skin, hair and beauty basics to keep ourselves beautiful and healthy :)
So today we are going to know about the various skin types (Wooahh! Am I sounding like a lecturer?! :O)

Skin types:

Basically skin types are classified based on how your skin feels. Does it feel fresh and smooth or greasy or rough or a mix of all!

Our skin is comprised of water and lipids, balance of which determines our skin type. Based on this there are 4 major skin types: Normal, Oily, Dry and combination skin

Normal Skin

If you have normal skin, you're lucky enough because you have a skin that has good balance of water and lipids.

Normal skin features:
  • The skin isn't much sensitive or prone to breakages
  • No or very few imperfections will be found in skin
  • Skin pores are visible barely
  • A radiant complexion (this depends on how well you hydrate yourself)

Dry Skin

People with dry skin can always feel the stretchiness in their skin in combat with rough and dull looking skin which turns patchy in winters.

Dry skin features:
  • Mostly invisible pores and visible fine lines due to the dryness
  • Dull, rough complexion with red patches on skin at times
  • Less elasticity
When exposed to drying factors, skin can flake, crack, peel or become itchy, irritated or inflamed. If your skin is very dry, it can become rough and scaly, especially on the back of your hands, arms, and legs.

Combination Skin

Combination skin type can be dry\normal in some regions of your face and oily\greasy in others, such as the T-zone. The T-zone is the part of your face which covers your nose, forehead, and chin. Some people might have a completely oily T-zone and some might find just the nose or forehead or chin alone appearing super oily.
(I have oily eyelids and nose - that's it!)

Combination skin features:
  • Overly dilated\visible pores
  • Huge blackheads and whiteheads
  • Shiny skin due to the oil residue
This type of skin results from genetic or hormonal factors that cause an imbalance in how much and where the lipids are produced. It also varies depending on the weather - the dryness or oiliness either increases\decreases.

Oily Skin

Oily skin feels greasy or oily all over the face and not just in specific region.

Oily skin features:
  • Appears greasy, thick, coarse and shiny
  • Has enlarged pores
  • Easily prone to acne and breakouts
  • Is not prone much to aging and wrinkling

Images and visuals speak more than words. So here is a picture that explains it all :)

Apart from these 4 basic skin types there is another one known as 'Sensitive Skin'

Sensitive skin is usually very dry, tends to feel tight, and becomes inflamed and irritated easily. Typically, sensitive skin develops reddish and scaly areas, can be itchy and tingly, and is prone to breakouts. It is the most problematic and fragile type of skin, which needs a very special care.

Now coming to the fun or the much required part!

How To Find Your Skin Type

In order to find your skin type just follow the below simple steps:

1. Wash your face with a mild cleanser or face wash.

2. Leave your skin as it is - do not apply any other product like toner\moisturizer\your regular day cream.

3. After an hour or so, pull out a clean tissue and dab it on your face specifically over your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.

4. If the tissue is filled up with a kind of oily substance all over then you have Oily skin.

5. If the tissue is filled up with sebum only after dabbing on your T-zone then you have Combination skin.

6. If the tissue is still the same way super clean and your skin feels normal, soft and fresh then you have Normal skin.

7. If the tissue is still the same way super clean and your skin feels stretchy in places then you have Dry skin.

Hope the tips help you in finding your skin type. Do drop in comments once you find out your skin type! ;)

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