Hello pretties!

I know it's very late but I prepared this tutorial long back and forgot to post it up :(
So today I'm up with this tutorial. Though it is a fall makeup tute but still this is a simple makeup and it can be done anytime as you wish :)

I'm an accessories junkie who loves beautiful add-ons always.
Be it a junk jewellery or a beautiful table organizer, I always have a heart and place in my room for it:D

So this time it was this wonderful and super cheap lipstick holder that attracted me. And it reached me super safe which made me wonder-stuck in reality ;) :)

Hello dearies!

Sorry for being MIA. Apart from my office works drowning me, I'm bit busy with Elena, Stefan, Damon, Katherine, Caroline, Bonny, Jeremy etc. He he yeah I'm watching 'The Vampire Diaries' like a mad person everyday skipping sleep, food and everything ;) Current obsession you know! :P Even today's post will have a part of my obsession :D

Being a woman needs a lot more responsibility and knowledge. So this is my small step towards making us women understand basics about ourselves - especially about our skin, hair and beauty basics to keep ourselves beautiful and healthy :)
So today we are going to know about the various skin types (Wooahh! Am I sounding like a lecturer?! :O)