The Smokin' Smudger Brush from ColorBar - MuSt HaVe!!

I'm a girl who was once applying even eye shadows with hand to get the precise and convenient application! And now, as my world of makeup grows, I'm more into trying professional brushes these days. Yes! I started preferring and using brushes for doing my makeup a while ago and the ones I sought first were painting brushes :P After all, which else is similar and cheap and affordable at the same time ;) :D

And after a bit of practice now I have gained the confidence that I can use, utilize, maintain and spoil the professional brushes :D The time I decided to try out professional brushes, Colorbar introduced their cute, girly, candy colored brushes which were affordable, stylish and BEST working!
So today I'm going to review the top most of all - Smokin' Eyes Smudger Brush! Sounds fancy right? ;)

Product type: Makeup brush\Applicators

Price: 250 INR

Availability: Nykaa, Flipkart and Colorbar Cosmetics [I bought it from here with free shipping ;)]

First Look: Cuteness!

What the Brand says?

How to use?

My Take on ColorBar Smokin Eyes Smudger Brush:

As I said, the first thing that attracted me towards this brush was its cuteness - isn't so cute with the sleek white body embedded with the brand name in black and the uber cute orange stiff head? (uff.. sucha long description :P)

The brush comes in a thick ziplock pouch which you would discover as soon as you tear off the top packaging. The ziplock pouch is convenient enough and you can accommodate a maximum of 3-4 sleek brushes in it. Also makes the brush travel friendly :P So packaging-wise it scores a 100\100 from me!

The bristles of the brush are well packed and so no need to worry that it would shed. Not even a single bristle shed out even after washing it thrice which is a remarkable sign of quality.

Coming to the usage, though it is stiff the end bristles are super soft and bendable making the brush fulfill its purpose completely. Yes, you end up achieving the required smudge in just 2 minutes flat!!
The brush also helps in making thin and thick smudges. But if you are expecting really thin line smudges (as thin as liner), then sorry this is not for you. You will need to buy a regular smudger sponge :( This is best for smoky eyes and for soft smudgy kohl looks :D

The brush is waterline safe too - yes I smudge my kohl with it for that soft smudgy look ;)

Rose Petals:

Super cute ziplock packaging
Slim and sleek - you get the perfect hold while working with it
Travel friendly
The beautiful reddish orange bristles neither bleed color nor shed while washing
Ideal for working in smudging kohl on both upper and lower lids and working on tear ducts too
Easily available online and at stores as well
Dense bristles help even for blending your shadows on the lids


Not anything that I could think of and if you want me to tell something - the letters printed on the brush handle goes off after few months and you will need to identify the brush by its look after that! :(

Overall thoughts, repurchase\recommend? - a brush worthy every penny! I would definitely purchase it again if at all this one worns out (I hope it won't happen that soon :P). So what are you waiting for? Go get it! ;)

And on a funny note - I remember the Red Head (Victoria) from Twilight when I see this brush :P

Rating: 5 out of 5

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