I'm a sucker for face packs and face masks be it natural ones or store bought!
And I love trying each and every one of them. So this time I tried a cheaper one from Avon and lets see how it worked!

Product type: Face Mask\Pack

Price & Quantity:59 INR for 50 gms

Availability: From Avon representatives

What the brand says?

What it contains?

First Impression: Totally affordable!

My take on Avon fairness exfoliating mask:

The first thing that attracted me towards this pack is its super affordable price and next was the fact that it is a combination of 2 products - a scrub and a mask :D

The pack is white in color and is not so thick in nature. Mine dried up in the tube and I had to add rose water to dilute and get it out of the pack :(

As the name says it is an exfoliating pack with tiny granules in it. The pack dries quick but when layered it takes hours to dry (I'm still confused why!).

Coming to its efficiency, the pack gives you better exfoliation and a super soft skin. It gives an instant glow to the face as it claims but sad that the glow doesn't last for more than few hours :(
Skin lightening claims - I don't believe those claims from any product and the same applies to this one too :P It doesn't lighten your skin! But I don't demand more from this pack too :) You get what you pay!

But as far as I have heard, real Licorice really does. So do try it as an individual pack if you are looking to lightening your skin or dark spots.

Oh! I showed you my heart ring box :P (blush)

Rose petals:

Gives instant brightness to skin
Drives away dull skin
Exfoliates skin very well without abrasion
Travel friendly tube
Easily available


Doesn't lighten skin as it claims
The brightness doesn't last for more than few hours

Recommend\Repurchase: I don't think I would be repurchasing it but however I recommend it for anyone who would like to get an instantly fresh and bright skin as it gently exfoliates and makes your skin look pristine instantly :)


I spotted a brand named Davis here few years back and they almost have a whole range of cosmetics out of which I love their eye and lip pencils as they come in wide range of colors and are dirt cheap ;)

I always use to see only slim and thin colored pencils from this brand and once I shifted to faces eye pencils I never turned back to these as they are bit poor on quality! But few months back when I spotted these jumbo pencils from Davis I know they will be mine :D

This post is part of our Blog Writing Tour and the concept is very simple - to get to know a little more about fellow bloggers! Apart from that this has also helped us in identifying and knowing new people and blogs who really do an awesome job in the blogger world and have a unique writing style!
Obviously, you and me are not the same right? :)

So I was nominated by Krupa of Ishtyle Awhile

She was a teacher by profession and a beauty blogger by passion. Honestly I got to know her and her blog only after this invite and I must admit she really has that unique style!
My mom is a teacher too and I know how hectic and tedious a teacher's life is these days :( I admire her patience to bring up atleast one post per day :)

Her reviews are crisp, to the point and at the end of reading it you can definitely conclude if you are going to buy that product or not which is what we need really :D
Luckily I'm posting this on September 5th, Teachers day and I'm glad to wish Krupa a very very happy teachers day :)

And here comes something about me, answer to questions - and self rants :P

What am I working on?

I'm working on computers is what I wanted to answer for this! Sorry no fun.
Coming to the actual answer, I have no specifics on the kinds of products but I do really concentrate on the type of posts I put up.

I write more makeup\skincare\hair care product reviews but even then I make sure not to make it monotonous by reviewing 5 eye pencils\lipsticks for a whole week as it would make me readers get bored.

I try reading the pulse of fellow bloggers and my readers to know what is actually trending in and put up posts relatively.
Currently, I'm working to make atleast one post up per day - which is even a little tough task for me!
Also I'm planning to put of a few fashion posts as they're trending in now ;)

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Honestly it's you who must be telling how different it is or in a way whether it really has some difference.

It's obvious that not all of us will have the same writing style and in that way I have my own unique style of writing.

But even that style of mine differs from post to post depending on the product and my affinity towards it at times :P

Why do I write what I do?

Because I always wanted to :) I'm basically a Tamilian and I love wirtings hikoos and poems from the age of 12 or 13 and the interest for writing started there.

Later during my college days I was drawn more towards makeup and blogsphere. Back then I had only interest and no money to try out more.

So once I started earning on my own, the passion grew on me and ended up making me a Makeup and Beauty blogger. Though I haven't put up many posts on my blog, but still I plan beforehand for each and every post I put up and make sure they convey what is in my heart and mind :)

How does your writing process work?

As I'm a working woman, I really don't have a proper timing and schedule to pen down my thoughts (I work in shifts :()

So I usually plan and put a to-do-list in my mobile and make sure to get them done within the timeline (I miss them frequently but cope up to complete atleast within the next week :P)

I click pictures when I'm in morning shift and during weekends as these are the times when me and the Sun Lord meet each other with free time :D

Sometimes I click pictures just after buying the product and sometimes after thouroughly testing it. But the reviews always comes up only after my testing on the product gets over :)

So my rantings and a little more deeper details about me gets over here and I would like to nominate Beepsa to continue with the tour:

Beepsa Biswas

Beeps is the owner and writer at Glows And Blushes as well as Indian Curvy Chic.
I have come across her blog a few times while checking for several reviews and love her writing style particularly. Her posts are cool and entertaining till the end :)
And she has the best BIO I have ever read - read it here and you would know why I tell that ;)

So girl its your turn next. Hope you enjoy the tour :)

I hope you all enjoyed reading up my blog writing tour. Do let me know in comments :)

Last but not least, I extend my heartfelt thanks to Krupa for nominating me as I really enjoyed penning (keying :P) down this post and hope to join hands for a lot more fun ;)

Hello dear friends and fellow bloggers
I thank you all so much for encouraging and participating in my teeny weeny giveaway!
The giveaway ended back on August 31st and I'm going to announce the winner now :)

And the winner is:

Shreoshe Ghosh

Congratulations on Winning the giveaway Sreoshe! Please confirm your contact details and complete address through email to get your prize shipped! :D

And here are the participants and selection details: 

I'm a girl who was once applying even eye shadows with hand to get the precise and convenient application! And now, as my world of makeup grows, I'm more into trying professional brushes these days. Yes! I started preferring and using brushes for doing my makeup a while ago and the ones I sought first were painting brushes :P After all, which else is similar and cheap and affordable at the same time ;) :D

And after a bit of practice now I have gained the confidence that I can use, utilize, maintain and spoil the professional brushes :D The time I decided to try out professional brushes, Colorbar introduced their cute, girly, candy colored brushes which were affordable, stylish and BEST working!
So today I'm going to review the top most of all - Smokin' Eyes Smudger Brush! Sounds fancy right? ;)

Product type: Makeup brush\Applicators

Price: 250 INR

Availability: Nykaa, Flipkart and Colorbar Cosmetics [I bought it from here with free shipping ;)]

First Look: Cuteness!

What the Brand says?

How to use?

My Take on ColorBar Smokin Eyes Smudger Brush:

As I said, the first thing that attracted me towards this brush was its cuteness - isn't so cute with the sleek white body embedded with the brand name in black and the uber cute orange stiff head? (uff.. sucha long description :P)

The brush comes in a thick ziplock pouch which you would discover as soon as you tear off the top packaging. The ziplock pouch is convenient enough and you can accommodate a maximum of 3-4 sleek brushes in it. Also makes the brush travel friendly :P So packaging-wise it scores a 100\100 from me!

The bristles of the brush are well packed and so no need to worry that it would shed. Not even a single bristle shed out even after washing it thrice which is a remarkable sign of quality.

Coming to the usage, though it is stiff the end bristles are super soft and bendable making the brush fulfill its purpose completely. Yes, you end up achieving the required smudge in just 2 minutes flat!!
The brush also helps in making thin and thick smudges. But if you are expecting really thin line smudges (as thin as liner), then sorry this is not for you. You will need to buy a regular smudger sponge :( This is best for smoky eyes and for soft smudgy kohl looks :D

The brush is waterline safe too - yes I smudge my kohl with it for that soft smudgy look ;)

Rose Petals:

Super cute ziplock packaging
Slim and sleek - you get the perfect hold while working with it
Travel friendly
The beautiful reddish orange bristles neither bleed color nor shed while washing
Ideal for working in smudging kohl on both upper and lower lids and working on tear ducts too
Easily available online and at stores as well
Dense bristles help even for blending your shadows on the lids


Not anything that I could think of and if you want me to tell something - the letters printed on the brush handle goes off after few months and you will need to identify the brush by its look after that! :(

Overall thoughts, repurchase\recommend? - a brush worthy every penny! I would definitely purchase it again if at all this one worns out (I hope it won't happen that soon :P). So what are you waiting for? Go get it! ;)

And on a funny note - I remember the Red Head (Victoria) from Twilight when I see this brush :P

Rating: 5 out of 5