Who Doesn't Love Gold - Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania All That Glitters Review

So after hearing so much about the Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania range and as I already adore their ColorShow range totally I finally picked up a few shades from it! I will be reviewing them individually just to show you how gorgeous they're! ;)

Today I will be reviewing the shade which I like the most out of the entire collection - All That Glitters! It is a nice golden shade that literally glitters like gold :P

About The Color Show Glitter Mania Range:

The Glitter mania nail paints are textured nail paints which give you the textured sand effect with glitters in it.

Shades Available:

There are 8 shades available from this range in India

All That Glitters - A beautiful gleaming golden glitter shade
Bling On The Blue - A mix of Denim and baby blue
Dazzling Diva - The perfect silver
Matinee Mauve - A mauve shade with silver glitters
Paparazzi Purple - A light purple with silver glitters
Pink Champagne - The perfect pink glitter polish in which the shade dominates rather than the glitter
Red Carpet - Makes you red carpet ready as the name says - a tomato red with golden glitters, well suited for traditional wear
Starry Nights - The black fairy with silver wings (glitters :P) I love this the most and to be frank being the darkest shade out of the lot this is the sheerest polish by texture :( I need 3 coats to get a opaque finish.

Price: 125 INR for 6 ml

Availability: Available at all Maybelline counters, Nykaa & Flipkart

My Take On Glitter Mania Nail Paints:

The Glitter mania nail paints are textured nail paints which give you the textured sand effect with glitters in it. The glitters are of two different sizes - tiny particles and little bigger hexagons which really makes the effect better!

Unlike all other texture polishes in the market these don't feel rough or scratchy. They just feel a little gritty which is totally what makes them textured polishes :D Also these don't start pulling threads out of your dresses when contacting them :P

Also unlike other polishes these don't get dull over time or lose their shine. They stay glittery until you take them off! They stay in place un-chipped for a week which is too good for lazy fellas like me :P

Single coat
Removing them is a PITA but there are 2 too good techniques to remove them with ease - the foil method and the wrap up style ;)

The Glitter Bomb blasts now :P


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