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The world has shrunk these days and is ruled by electronics and technology. People prefer sitting in front of Televisions or computers or engage playing with their mobiles\PS. Internet is the king of world and we have become the slaves of it. Reading books has become an old habit now and we have ebooks to deal with the habit! Though these change in habits increase your laziness and make you obese but still surfing the Internet gives you something more than you can think of. And to fashion and beauty junkies like me (being an Engineer too) the surfing has turned out to shopping :D

So as I told earlier I’m an avid online shopper and I must admit I have improved a lot because of this habit of mine and now I know all the pros and cons in it. And thankfully I wasn’t cheated or haven’t faced any dreadful experiences in the past with shopping online *touchwood*. So this particular post of the Shopaholic series is totally dedicated to help you out when you plan to shop online. I would be listing the tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts that should be known by you before shopping online!

Don’t get fascinated

There are online sites for buying anything from anywhere around the world. So don’t get fascinated once you see something cute\beautiful – there’s no necessity that it’s a must have and might lay around your vanity just because you bought it.


Wish lists are my most favourite things these days. I admit, in the beginning I used to buy few things additional to what I actually wanted to buy and end up not using them because they might not fancy me later or they wouldn’t have been the way I expected them to be.

So before you touch your computer or connect your internet make your wish list. Yes even a scrap of paper and pen would do to make it than jumping into the site and looking\searching around for stuff as a lot of time gets wasted and we end up buying more things than the budget. Many sites offer wishlists themselves for you to save items for buying later :)

The best practice would be to have a notepad with you and write down then and there the products you like when you hear about them. This way you could save a lot of time & energy and there is no necessity to keep them in memory – they can be swapped out ;)

Though it is not a crime if you happen to buy one or two extra items along with your wish list but still you must be sure that you don’t break your bank or budget. Money is money and every penny is important.

Read to know more

When Internet can help you find and buy the product you want it can also help you to know whether it’s worth buying! There are hell a lotta reviews for drugs and toys on Internet these days and doing a little ground work can even save thousands and thousands of your money.

Always before heading on to buy a product search and read reviews about it so that you can ensure that you are investing right – yes everything you buy is an investment and it must be done right. Unless until you know very well about the product, never go for a blind buy – also something that worked excellent for your friend might not work so good for you despite of having same skin type\hair type. Some sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc. have the reviews of the product listed down on the product page itself and if you are buying from there your job is much easier. For makeup and skincare\haircare products there are many wonderful beautiful makeup blogs that would help you pick the right product.

Is the website trustworthy?

Always know about the website before you buy from them. There are many websites which takes order but never ships out or delivers your product, who delays more than a month for shipping out the item, worst customer care service, who steal your card information (spam sites) and what not?! So make sure you don’t get cheated. How?

- Make sure the website has a secure site of its own (https version)

- Make sure it has an agreement with any of the secure partners like VeriSign

- If they have COD service, then opt for it as you will be paying only when you receive the item (note: Don’t buy from sites who charge extra for COD unless you know they’re 100% secure and no other site stocks up the item you want except them – because you cannot waste 100 bucks extra for getting an eyeliner which you would get even in the nearby cosmetic shop).

- As like you look for reviews about products there is no pain in looking for reviews about websites too. Check out for reviews to know them in and out – because there are sites who stock up wonderful products but lack in fast delivery and customer care too, but you would definitely get the product. In such cases you would need a lot of patience but before that you must know whether you will definitely get the product.

- Ensure they have virtual keyboard on their payment gateway and try using it while paying. If there is no virtual keyboard, then make sure you are using a PC which is protected and private. Leaving your card details on a shared PC is always risky. So never purchase online when you are in an Internet café – Key loggers are definitely there in most of them!!

Mode of payment

Not all of us buy with money. Then why credit cards are there for?
So if you are planning to buy with cash\debit card, most of the sites offer you Net Banking\COD\Debit card and Direct bank transfer even. So opt for them (COD is the best way if there are no additional charges – only thing is to make sure that you have someone at your place to pay and get it)!

If you are planning to use your credit card then firstly look for options like PayPal on the site as PayPal is the top most secure payment gateway. If the site doesn’t have PayPal option then opt for credit card payment.

Intra-country or inter-country?

As I said earlier online shopping has advanced such a way that you can purchase anything from any country provided you have money! :P

So when it comes to purchasing from merchants within the country or from another country always depends on your personal perspective. but always have a check on the price you would be paying including shipping charges as most sites sell a product for 2 dollars and the shipping would cause a bomb (7-8$) which is not worth spending as the same product would be around 3-4 dollars in your country which is a better choice.

Also there are chances for your parcel to get caught in customs (not always – none of my parcels have got caught with customs till date) as any parcel from other countries are first received by intra country customs department, verified (your address and other details will be verified) and only then be sent out to you.

But again if you are purchasing a 50$ worth product (s), then it is worth the expenditure as most of the sites offer free shipping for orders above 25-30$ and you can actually save some money :)

Totally BE SMART!

First time buyer – call in CC

If you are a first time buyer from a site but have read good reviews about it, you can always call in to place your order as it helps you getting more clear points. Yes! almost every customer care team help you out in placing orders once you list them the products you want. This way it is more easy and quick. They would send you an invoice and a link to pay and you spend very few minutes to finish placing your order. This works well when you are on a budget and you NEED to control your expenditure. As you give them only the list of products you really want and have in mind there is no extra expenditure ;) But again you can always modify your order by calling them again before your order is shipped out.

Sale & Save

It’s everyone’s nature to make big and huge purchases during sale seasons as you could save more money. But before buying anything wait and think for a minute. It’s good to buy a jacket in summer and save it for winters but it isn’t worth buying a face wash and keep it for months for winters to come. Hope you get my point right!

Many products always come with an expiry date (their lifetime) and they aren’t going to live more than that. And the sale season is also called stock clearance as they clear out their old stocks giving a 50-70% off on the price tag. You cannot blame the stores as they put up stuffs as sale since they need to clear their racks for the new launches. So be wise and pick up stuffs that really would be useful and those which doesn’t have a quick dying lifetime.

Generally I prefer picking up electronics, bags, clothing, footwear etc. during the sale season but generally avoid picking up cosmetics, skin care and hair care products as you mostly get the ones which would expire within an year. If you are sure that you would be using it up before that then you can go ahead and buy them. Also sometimes newly launched products are put in sale too since putting up only old stocks doesn’t really perk up the sale. In such situations you can actually pick up the new launches as they would’ve been launched recently and would live long ;)

Clear before you accumulate

Some people keep hoarding stuffs and at a point of time realise that they don’t have any more space to stock up stuffs. This mostly happens with clothing for women :P So always make sure you don’t go crazy and pickup things just because they’re cheap or they’re on sale. Always look, touch, feel, think and then pick. Also make sure to trial any clothing before you pick as sizes and fitting differ from brand to brand and no one loves ill-fitted costumes :)

Never look around

I don’t mean not to look around the shop but not to look around what the lady next to you is picking up as it would make you jealous and tempt you to pickup what she is eyeing – human nature you see :D

I hope these tips and tricks would be helpful for everyone who is heading on to the sale counters now. Shoot out your questions in comments and I would be glad to respond :)

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