P&P Review Meter: Vcare Hair Growth Vitalizer

Of late I’m worried a lot about my hair as my hairfall has increased a lot and my hair has thinned down extremely :( Also my hair has become super dry and to overcome the dryness I was looking out for serums as I don’t prefer oiling my hair on daily basis – I hate sticky hair :P

When I saw the Vcare hair growth vitalizer in the market I immediately picked it up as it is a non-sticky fluid which would help in combating your hair-woes. This is said to control hair fall and improve hair growth. Read on to know whether it’s worth all the hype!

What does it claim?

Price: INR 95 for 100 ml

Packaging: I got it long back and mine was a royal blue spray bottle with white nozzle. The improvised packaging is full white in color.

What it contains?

My take on Vcare Hair Growth Vitalizer:

Firstly I love it’s packaging. The blue is super bright and it comes in a convenient spray bottle – so no fuss, no stickiness, no washing hands [No pisu-pisu, tholla-tholla :P] :D

The vitalizer is a yellow liquid which is quiet runny – it has the consistency of water. I generally spray adequately for my hair and comb my hair well so that the vitalizer gets spread evenly all over my scalp & hair.

It has a strong ayurvedic smell – so a big no no if you have sensitive nose or would get headache on sniff heavy scents.

I generally use it on and off but I have used it continuously for more than a week and here are the results:

- Yes it is non-sticky and so fuss free application.
- Replaces your hair oil but doesn’t really give the health hair oils would give.
- Doesn’t promote hair growth but controls hair fall to a little extent. But the hair fall becomes severe once you stop using it even for one day.
- Doesn’t moisturize – dries out your hair.
- Protects hair but doesn’t help in eliminating or preventing hair from damages.

Final words: A decent and mild vitalizer which can be used as a substitute for hair oil on everyday basis and would give you healthy hair (reduces hairfall too) but no miracles. And is never ever as effective as our good old coconut oil :)


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