Haul Time - Love And Craze!!

Hi all

Here is a very quick post of my recent haul (not bought together though) where I planned very well and picked up the stuffs I was longing to lay my hands on for a while! Though sourced from different places they are all crowned equally in my heart! (Oh my gosh I'm so dramatic :P)

Pic spammmm!!!

I picked up the glitter mania nail paints in 4 shades, the maybelline total clean makeup remover, cute little welcro curlers and 3 brushes - colorbar smoky eye brush, vega eye smudger and faces lip filler.

All of em'

One more :P

I'm a novice when it comes to makeup brushes and I'm still practicing to use them properly :( Until now I was experimenting with coloring brushes and these are my first professional makeup brushes ;)

Glitter all the way!!!

 I so wanted these rollers but couldn't find such tiny ones! I found once and I had no reasons to let them go away!!

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