Hip Hip Hurrah!
Hip Hip Hurrahhhhh!!
It's My Birthday ;)
Hello its Pretty Polka speaking here :D
I was born :P on 25th July, 2013 and I'm one year old now :)
Do I look cute and cuddly? :P

I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to my followers here and to really show it to here comes a small giveaway :) :)

By entering all the mandatory rules you can win A Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania Nail Paint in the shade All That Glitters :D [It is a beautiful golden color glitter texture nail paint]

Read on, head on, move on, win it!!

Hiya cutie pies!
How are you doing? :)

Today I’m here with the review about a wonderful lipstick duo that lasts forever – atleast until you remove it :D

Yes! I’m talking about the L'Oreal Infallible Lip Colour Duo, a handle with smartness lip color duo that works best when applied in the right way :)

Flormar's Deluxe Stylo lipstick is the best tool for a shiny and glamorous pout. It's super formula enriched with the much acclaimed Argan oil, Vitamin E, Omega 6 and cacao butter - makes it ultra-hydrating and nourishing while the colour really makes a statement.

Sometime back (maybe even an year before :P) Avon came up with the Suede nail paints and being a nail art freak I had to buy them :D

I’m a huge lover of shower gels and body washes and keep using them in all seasons ;) So today’s review is going to be about a body wash that does the job of a wash as well as a moisturizer :D


I'm not so good in eye makeup and still a practitioner. So before investing on high end costly palettes I planned to invest in few cheaply available ones so that I can practice with them [I wear eyeshadows very rarely so purchasing high end palettes still leaves me puzzled but I definitely want UD Naked palette some day ;)]

So I bought these eyeshadow palettes by BOB for a price of 1$ (Dirt cheap I know ;))

Basically I’m not a foundation or concealer person and mostly I don’t prefer layering anything on my face. Frankly I’m the colourful makeup person who ignores base makeup. But these days I have started getting acne and I’m left with their marks on my right cheeks :( While trying out home remedies to treat them, meanwhile I wanted to hide them as they are very visible in pictures. I personally feel that foundations are bit heavy and so I prefer only a normal day cream for everyday use.

The world has shrunk these days and is ruled by electronics and technology. People prefer sitting in front of Televisions or computers or engage playing with their mobiles\PS. Internet is the king of world and we have become the slaves of it. Reading books has become an old habit now and we have ebooks to deal with the habit! Though these change in habits increase your laziness and make you obese but still surfing the Internet gives you something more than you can think of. And to fashion and beauty junkies like me (being an Engineer too) the surfing has turned out to shopping :D

Hello all!

I was once an eyeshadow freak and hoarded plenty of eyeshadows from local and drugstore brands for practicing. But I have this bad habit of hoarding things and feeling relaxed - actually don't put them into use :(

I have already raised a ban on buying Eye shadows and as a result, I'm digging into my vanity for my shadows. So expect more eyeshadows reviews :P

So today I'm going to review one of my best eyeshadow kit which is very good for party and function makeup. It is the K7 Kit Party Time Eyeshadow And Lip Gloss Palette - yes it has both eyeshadows and lipglosses 2 in 1 ;)


Of late I’m worried a lot about my hair as my hairfall has increased a lot and my hair has thinned down extremely :( Also my hair has become super dry and to overcome the dryness I was looking out for serums as I don’t prefer oiling my hair on daily basis – I hate sticky hair :P

When I saw the Vcare hair growth vitalizer in the market I immediately picked it up as it is a non-sticky fluid which would help in combating your hair-woes. This is said to control hair fall and improve hair growth. Read on to know whether it’s worth all the hype!

So after hearing so much about the Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania range and as I already adore their ColorShow range totally I finally picked up a few shades from it! I will be reviewing them individually just to show you how gorgeous they're! ;)

Today I will be reviewing the shade which I like the most out of the entire collection - All That Glitters! It is a nice golden shade that literally glitters like gold :P

I had beautiful straight lengthy clean and shiny hair until my college days and I was super careless in its case! Time passed by and so my shampoos too. I kept trying innumerable number of shampoos without knowing the impact! And the after effects - dull, lifeless acute-hairfall dandruff prone hair.

A Confession: I'm a drama queen who loves drama in her nail enamel too!
And I love all kinda textured, crackle, glitter, velvette polishes :P :D

Nykaa Luxe store is now open!
Nykaa.com is proud to announce the launch of the Nykaa Luxe Store at T3 Domestic Departure, Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, on August 6. Now it’s easier than ever to pamper yourself with handpicked luxury skincare and fragrances from 13 of the world’s finest luxury brands.

Brands Available @ Nykaa.Luxe:

Classic perfume codes with a modern twist. Unique, multifaceted and enigmatic fragrances that are colorful and unconventional. Sultry, stimulating fragrances for men and women.

Giorgio Armani
World class scents that are constructed around a simple fragrance concept, interpreting the world’s most precious ingredients through the creative imagination of the most talented perfumers.
Giorgio Armani

Yves Saint Laurent
Audacity, freedom and modernity meet unrestrained Parisian elegance. Fragrances that embody modernity of every day and age, spurring you to break rules and create your own truths that go beyond convention.

Ralph Lauren
Classic fragrances that reflect a classic American style and romanticize a rugged, outdoorsy image. Scents with incredible style and pizzazz that appeal to your independent and adventurous side.

Roberto Cavalli
A brand that’s synonymous with a glamorous Italian lifestyle, distinctive for animal prints and motifs that adorn many of its bottles and boxes. Instinctively attractive and opulently addictive scents for him and her.

French elegance meets American glamor! >From the original classic scent inspired by the iconic Audrey Hepburn, the newer fruity florals advertised by youth icons Liv Tyler and Justin Timberlake are now the talk of the town.

Radiant, sensual scents that reflect the brand's high-fashion sensibility and capture the essence of refinement and classic beauty. Glamorous, opulent scents to intoxicate the senses.

Calvin Klein
Award-winning fragrances that continue to redefine the world of perfume, Uncomplicated scents that are nothing less than sight and smell beauty icons. The first to introduce unisex scents, Calvin Klein is always one scent ahead.

Redefining the power of cool! Fragrances that embody a passion for excellence and a pleasure for life. Luxurious scents that urge you to live every moment passionately, intensely and perfectly.

Perfumes that bring excellence and savoir faire of its unique jewelry heritage into fragrances. Each scent is an expression of ultimate luxury, capturing the brand’s unmistakable refinement and elegance.   

Salvatore Ferragamo
Before movies could talk, Salvatore Ferragamo’s shoes gave character to silent screen stars like Mary Pickford and the dashing Douglas Fairbanks. Italian fragrances that are synonymous with style and innovation, designed to bring a little luxury into your life.

Nothing short of a beauty phenomenon and the fave of low-maintenance types and glamour girls alike, sensual and natural skin, body and fragrances created from plants and essential oils found in Provence in the south of France.

Crabtree and Evelyn
The perfect blend of nature and science, tradition and innovation, to create benefit-rich bath, body and home care ranges featuring fruit, flower and plant essences. Inspired by nature to make a world of a difference.
Overview of Nykaa.Luxe

Store Images
Information provided by Nykaa.com.

I saw a girl on road today with smudged kajal and as I know her already I jus questioned her on what kajal she was using. She was like “I know only one kajal – that is kajal :P” I understood that she is speaking about the Eyetex dabba :D

I suggested her to use Elle18 kajal and when she asked for a liner, I suggested the elle18 black out liner since she was looking for budget stuff. Yes, these are the wonderful budget eye products I have used till date!

So now why didn’t I review them even after emptying few bottles?!  Lazy you see :(

Elle18 Black Out Liner

What the brand says?

Easy single-stroke application
Gives definition and glamour to the eyes
An eyeliner that dries quickly and stays on all day!

Quantity & Price: INR 65 for 5 ml

Type: Matte Liquid Eyeliner

Packaging: The liner comes in a cute round glass bottle! Adorable :)

My take on Elle18 Blackout liner:

First impression – cute, beautiful, girly packaging in black & pink combination. Gosh I love this combo so much (you can see it in my blog everywhere! :P) <3 And though it comes in a glass bottle its quite sturdy and doesn’t break even when dropped on floor :P

It is an intense black liner with a matte finish. The applicator is thin and has firm bristles helping to draw thin lines easily. But drawing thicker lines consumes more time :( It dries super quick, maybe within 40 secs. and is water-resistant. But it isn’t waterproof as it claims! Yes it goes off when rubbed slightly with water.

The only drawback of this liner is though it lasts for 10 hours on my super oily lids but it starts dissipating after that and fades away even if a drop of water meets your liner :(


Top - liner, bottom - kajal

A thick lining on my last - the pic was taken 4 hours after application! Cool isn't it? ;)

Rose Petals:

Pocket friendly
Uber-cute packaging
Excellent matte finish and beautifully black
No odd fragrance
Nice convenient brush, can easily create thin lines, applies smoothly
Nice color payoff
Does not fade out easily
Doesn’t irritate or sting eyes
Stays in place for long (10 hours)
Dries in seconds


Not waterproof as claimed
Goes off just with a light swipe with water :P

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 (Could’ve been waterproof)

Elle18 Kajal

What the brand says?

Let your eyes speak for you! Here is a wonderful kajal from Elle18 to give you a dramatic look.

What makes it a good choice?

Enriched with high pigments, this kajal gives an intense and bold look to your eyes. It is formulated from almond extracts and hence is safe for your eyes. It glides on easily on the waterline giving a smooth texture. With its rich and lustrous black colour it will surely enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Quantity & Price: INR 65 for 3 ml

Type: Oil based kajal with glossy finish

Packaging: The kajal comes in a packaging similar to our lipstick bullets! Nothing fancy ;)

My take on Elle18 Kajal:

The Elle18 kajal comes in a normal twist up packaging just like their lipsticks. But the packaging isn’t sturdy enough and you might end up breaking the base of your kajal if accidentally dropped down lightly :( But despite of the feeble packaging the kajal comes with a sharp tip helping in lining your water line super precise.

The kajal is jet black in color. It is an oil based kajal and so you can expect a little smudging from it. It does smudge\crease but when applied the right way, you can escape raccoon eyes :P Once applied the kajal gives a soothing sensation to the eyes keeping it cool. Though it smudges it does last for a good time of 10 hours with little fading at the corners and eye ducts – not bad at all!

Removal: You will need to use the good old coconut oil or your regular makeup remover to get the Kajal off your eyes :)


Right - liner, left - kajal

A lighter application on eyes :P

Rose Petals:

Convenient twist up packaging
Sharp tip yields a precise application
Lasts for 10 hours with little fading
Gives a cooling sensation to eyes


Packaging could’ve been little sturdy
Smudges a little – can be managed by powdering the lower lashline before applying the kajal
The tip becomes blunt after a while :(

Rating: 4.3 out of 5


Today I’m going to review a simple and affordable loose powder available in the market. No its not Lakme (though its affordable and good too). It is from a brand called Blue Heaven. People in south India, especially Chennai would’ve come across this brand very often even in their grocery stores!!

I recently stumbled upon the nearby stores to get groceries and saw this loose powder there. I was planning to try out loose powders since long and since I didn’t find the Lakme one in that store I picked up this one. Now I feel so happy that I did :)

Price: INR 40 for 18 gms

Shelf Life: 5 years (quiet long :-O)

What it contains? Not mentioned!

Brand: Blue Heaven Cosmetics

Product Type: Translucent powder \ face

My take on Blue Heaven Loose Powder:

So as I said already I badly wanted to try a loose powder for setting up my makeup. Since I have combination skin my nose and lids get super oily and to get the dewy look I set it with loose powder. Frankly I was lazy to go in hunt of the lakme one and as I don’t need this on a everyday basis I was bit patient too :P That is the reason I picked this up immediately when I saw and also with a decision that I will try the cheaper one first, get used and go for luxury brands ;) :D

Coming to the review, the powder is light peachy pink in color and has a mild floral fragrance. The powder is finely milled and so you can expect little fallout when you dust it off on your face. But I won’t consider it as a drawback as it is the same case with any loose powder. After application it feels super light on skin – not patchy, not heavy and doesn’t give the layered look to your skin. It doesn’t leave a ghostly cast either – maybe due to the shade as it’s pink and not white. It lasts atleast 5 hours if you are in A\C ad otherwise you cannot expect a wear time more than 2 hours. But if you have put on the good makeup base, it would help in keeping your makeup in-tact.

Coming to the packaging, it comes with an air tight lid and a peel-off sticker to take out the required amount of product – scores better here. It also comes with an inbuilt puff which is a total waste – the sponge isn’t soft enough to be used on face and would wear off in just one wash :( Also I prefer using my kabuki brush to enjoy powdering :P

Easy and quick to achieve the dewy look I wanted :D

Rose Petals:

Cute and compact packaging
Reasonably priced
Decent wear time
Smooth and finely milled, easy application
Helps in getting good coverage and a dewy look


Worst sponge puff applicator
No ingredients mentioned
Definitely contains talc which is considered to be harmful

Rating: 4.2 out of 5