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One morning I suddenly woke up from bed and felt that I couldn’t open my mouth at all. Scared about the reason for it, when I looked up on myself in the mirror I found my lips dry, chapped and cracked!! :(

I couldn’t tolerate it and started crying out of pain. I fell asleep as it is and had a wonderful dream.
I was sitting in a forest in the middle of trees crying. Suddenly there was a gang of barbies coming towards me singing.

Read my lips, read my lips
Baby get up all in this
La lalalalala

The barbies were holding a golden bowl and it was gleaming *_* They came near me and asked me to open my hands and kept a small round pink tin case in my hands!

It was nothing else than the all cute Nivea lip butter ;) I suddenly woke up and went mad and crazy to get the Nivea lip butter. It was out of stock everywhere (online) :’( felt like rolling on floor and crying! That evening when I went to Health & Glow this was the first thing welcoming me in :) And it is my HG lip butter now ;)

This has impressed almost all beauty bloggers out there and probably I would be the last person to review it! :( But without this review I feel my baby (blog) would be incomplete!

Product type: Lip balm

Brand: Nivea

Variants: Caramel kiss, Raspberry rose

Price: INR 189 for 16.7 gms (that’s quite a lot of product!)

Availability: H&G stores, Nykaa, medplusbeauty, flipkart etc.

What it claims?

The NIVEA Lip Butter Raspberry Rosé is an aromatic treat for the lips. It comes in an innovatively designed tin uniting long-lasting moisture, trendy flavours and a unique lip care experience. The rich formula melts on the lips, restoring suppleness and adding a silky gloss.

What it contains?

My take on Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose

After hearing all the raves about this lip butter I was very curious to try it but I tell you Chennai isn’t so developed yet or atleast I don’t find everything accessible! :(
I have always loved Nivea lip balms and so badly wanted to try this out. And one day when I saw it hanging in health & glow I just rushed in and grabbed it (I had no intention of getting in to H & G that day :P)

Soft! Smooth! Buttery! This is how I would like to address it :)

Basically I have oily skin but my lips keep drying so often. So I always love to try lip products that supply moisture to my lips for a long time. So when I read rave reviews about this lip butter on other country blogs I started looking for it in ebay and other sites. But to my disappointment they were sold either twice their price or with a huge shipping! I wasn’t dare enough to spend 10$ nearly (are you kidding me) for it!

Then one day I read a review of it on my favourite blog with the price mentioned in INR and also that it is available in India now. I was hunting for it everywhere online and suddenly one day found in H & G and picked it up! Though I wanted to try both variants raspberry rose was the one that attracted me first.

The lip butter comes in a cute and compact round tin packaging. The lip butter has a real buttery texture with a raspberry fragrance. The fragrance is super mild and not bothersome at all. The lip butter has a super smooth texture that makes it feel light on lips. It is super moisturizing as well. It instantly moisturizes your lips giving a mild pink tint as well. The moisture lasts for a good time of 5-6 hours without eating or drinking. Also though it disappears after meals but still a little moisture is left on your lips – means your lips don’t become dry immediately.

Meanwhile applying more than the required quantity might leave a whitish cast on your lips making them look pale. So avoid using more of the product. Just 2-3 swipes and dabs will help :)

Rose petals:

  • Cute travel friendly packaging, can be carried even in wallets
  • Gives a lovely pink tint to lips
  • Moisturizes very well and locks moisture on the lips
  • Fresh and sweet raspberry smell with a light scent of roses as well which is quiet refreshing
  • Less quantity is required for each application and one tub would last for a reasonable amount of time
  • Excellent staying power and feels super light on lips
  • Spreads easily during application, no tugs! No pulls!
  • Helps healing chapped and dry lips on continuous use
  • Easily available now in India


  • Doesn’t help in covering pigmentation on lips
  • Might melt a little during very hot and humid days
  • The tin becomes dirty if kept for long time in handbag\purse. To prevent this I started wrapping it up in a tissue or soft paper before tossing it in and it totally helped ;)
  • Some might feel the tin packaging unhygienic – I have no such feel as I love the way it is :D

Lip Swatch:

Do I Recommend It? Definitely it is a must try for every girl

Would I repurchase it? Surely once this tub is over. I would like to try the caramel version too ;)

Rating: It definitely scores full marks – 5 out of 5 :D

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