Haul Time: A much awaited haul of the cute new launches

Hello Cupids!

Yes! I'm a bit lucky today and so I got a chance to lay my hands on the Streetwear by Revlon new launches today. With no motive I went out for grocery shopping today and I couldn't resist picking them up when I saw these cuties at the store ;)

Also I picked up Revlon elusive - I was craving for this nail paint but didn't find it anywhere! Finally found it today and no second thought - it was in my basket ;)
So its raining luck today (its rained cats and dogs outside too :D)

So now an eye treat for you all - the piccys ;)

I picked up a lipstick, 2 nail paints and the kajal. The packagin looks super stylish and comical. Quiet catchy i saw. Every girl would end up picking atleast one product out of the lot :D :P
(I also picked up those golden pins as i felt i need em' ;))

And i picked up these cuties too :D

A pack of wet wipes (the furry creatures wrap was damn cute - the pack has 10 wipes wrapped in individual packs), a cute rose bud clip, a candy pink nail paint (some local brand) and the cute kitty boxes are nail paint remover wipes ;)

Reviews of new launches coming up super soon. Do drop in comments on which one you would like to be reviewed first! Take care cupids :)


  1. which shade lipstick did u pick? I am so tempted now to buy one or two..oh wait I lost count :) btw how is the sony head phones? which model is that?

  2. I picked up pink persuasion ;) Even I felt like picking up every shade but limited my purchase - couldn't resist the super cute packing! And the headphones its MDR-ZX100A. I got it free with my Xperia C ;) Excellent sound quality but very less bass - you don't get that sound proof effect even in full volume :(


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