P&P Review Meter – Aziza Blush Duo

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Today’s review meter is about a cheap and affordable blush duo. It is Aziza blush duo in shade Natural 1. I received this as a gift from my friend, so did a little research to know more about it :)
Now here comes the review.

This is a dual blush so you get two beautiful colored blushes in one pack. Mine had a pink and a warm gingery shade which I loved most (but I shattered and powdered it, it stays in a little pot now:().


It comes in a flip pack with a transparent top cover. The pack has a tiny brush and a mirror inside.

Price: 2.49$ for 7.0 g

This is my blush pack after one shade broke, I couldn’t get rubbing alcohol anywhere here in Chennai so couldn’t set back the blush :(

The shades are so lovely and light. They don’t look OTT at all. They have very fine shimmer which is not visible at all. They are bit powdery in texture and so might look chalky if over-applied. But looks perfect when applied with a light hand. It doesn’t last so long – just gives the flush for an hour hardly after which it isn’t even visible on your cheeks. But I cannot expect more than this from a cheap blush. I use it for office everyday as I don’t sweat much there and I’m fine with the lasting power!

Literally the mirror and brush are of no use at all. The bristles of the brush are too harsh and they sometimes hurt your skin badly. On the other hand nothing is visible in the mirror even in perfect daylight which makes it a complete waste. Maybe it adds look to the packaging and nothing else it does.


Rose Petals:

Dirt cheap
Cute packaging, comes with an applicator and built-in mirror(though not of any use)
Though not highly pigmented not chalky too


Poor lasting power
Flip case might break if handled in a hurry

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