P&P Review Meter: i Eyeliner

Hello sweeties how was your day?
Mine is kinda boring as I’m working from home that too in night shift (a poor IT slave:( )!
Okies coming to today’s review meter – the review is going to be about a very cheap\affordable product which many of the school and college goers would love!

Yes, it is going to be a colored liner again which won’t burn a hole in your pocket :D It is the i  eyeliner by no-name company.

Price: 30 INR for 8 ml

I picked up this eyeliner from Saravana stores during my monthly grocery shopping thinking to try it out. We girls always get attracted :( [not our fault :P]. I picked it especially for its sleek and cute packaging.

Ingredients: Not mentioned

Shelf life: Not mentioned

Shades available: Black, brown, military green, copper (that’s all I found there)

Manufacturer: Again not specified.
The bottle has nothing engraved or printed except thename :(

So read on to know how it faired being so cheap!

I was so curious to test it immediately as I wanted to know how it works :P
Firstly it has a super sleek brush that helps in applying the liner wonderfully. A thin line is so easy to draw with it. Thicker lines would take few more strokes. The liner is little runny and doesn’t dry quick.

I tried swatching it on my hand first to make sure it isn’t allergic. And yes after 15 mins of application also it didn’t sting or irritate. So it passed QC 1 :P

QC 2 was water test. Alas it lost! It wasn’t water-resistant. But I don’t mind as many of my liners aren’t.

QC 3 – Apply on eyes.

It lasted for a good time of 2 hours and then it went off somewhere. Yes I didn’t even know whether it flaked off or smudged and spread all over my lids (didn’t find any trace of color in my lids) :(
So this is a low cost colored eyeliner that would come handy for a quick outing of an hour or two. 

Beginners who would love to try colored liners – this is the best bet. You lose nothing really :D

It is a good product for school girls to try on and maybe to dress up your kids for a fancy dress compo :P
I would skip it :)

Rose Petals:

Budget friendly – you don’t even need a budget for it!
Cute packaging
Sturdy bottle and sleek brush – easy application
Dries with normal speed as compared to other liquid liners


Nothing mentioned on bottle, not even expiry date :(
Isn’t long lasting – stays only for 2 hours max.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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