I bought this liner almost a year ago and have used it only twice until now since it is a metallic shade and a party wear. This is from the Jewel liner range of VOV.

The liner comes in a cute triangular bottle with super soft felt tip that works so well while applying the liner. It helps in lining your eyes precisely. The golden letters on the bottle look so beautiful but it is of very poor quality that it vanishes in few days.

No Ingredients list, mfg date, expiry date or any other details mentioned on the pack.:(

This particular shade is very sheer and need to be used on top of a black liner to make it pop out :)
But there are many other shades to select from which could be dark enough.


Hellow Lovable Lavenders!
Today the review is going to be about the newly launched Anne French Hair removal crème with convenience kit.

So What is Convenience Kit?

The convenience kit includes an Easy-On Applicator and a Skin Polishing Sponge.

What is Tender Care Hair Removal Crème?

Price: 60 INR for 45 g crème, applicator and sponge
Shelf life: 24 Months

What does it contain?

My Take On Anne French Convenience Kit

The kit comes with a 45 g tube containing the hair removal crème in Shea butter & green tea flavor, an easy-on applicator to make the application easy and mess free and a skin polishing sponge to remove the crème and polish your skin.

Firstly, I’m in love with the complete packaging. It is basically so conveniently packed and the idea behind having a cute kit to aid hair removal rather than just the cream and a spatula which is of no big use. I totally love Anne French’s ideas – be it the roll-on removal kit or the convenience kit.

Secondly, I love the smell of the cream. It is improvised and doesn’t stink at all like the old creams do :) So I love the cream in all aspects :D

Coming to the convenience kit I was really happy to see the easy on applicator and the sponge as they would make the process easier. But I never expected they would be so brilliant. ;)

Moving on to the review, the crème comes with a roll on cap and the nob is sealed with Aluminium foil. Also the cream appears more like a white gel rather than a thick cream and so it is so easy to spread on.

The nob must be unsealed and the convenience cap needs to be fit there on top of the tube. The cap fits so well on any hair removal crème tube which is the best part (tested with 100 g veet tube). I thought it would be a tough job to clean up the cap after usage as the crème might get stuck everywhere inside the convenience cap. But no! not even a little bit gets in and the crème travels just in the right path alone. So no mess at all :D

Coming to the sponge, I never expected that it would work so well to remove all the hair after the interval. I thought that I will need to follow my regular style for that, but no. The sponge helped the best on that part!

How to use the kit?

As per instructions it is recommended to apply the crème and leave it for minimum 3 minutes. But since I have a bit thick hair, it takes atleast 7 minutes for me to remove the hair completely. Apply the crème, leave for required duration (not more than 10 mins) and remove the uprooted hair with the sponge in opposite direction of hair growth.

Final results

I have tried old anne French creams and veet creams and so far this is the best one especially due to the convenience kit. Also the crème works effectively and efficiently in removing hair completely. So this is going to be my trusted hair removal kit for emergencies!

Rating: 5 out of 5