Not Only Your Lips Are Precious!

Not only your Lips are precious – Even Your Lipsticks Are!

Yes! Even each & every lipstick you have is so precious. It is always hard to carry your lispticks in your handbag or purse as they might open out and get spoilt :( can also spoil your bag\purse even.
So in order to carry them safely, I was searching for a good lipstick pouch or box. It is when I found these lipstick cases which could hold one to two lipsticks at a time. So I keep changing my lipsticks in the case everyday as per my convenience and usage :)

The lipstick case in red could carry one lipstick at a time and costed me INR 20 :D
The one in pink could carry 2 lipsticks and costs INR 30.
The maroon one is actually a coin purse and can carry one lipstick in it. It costs INR 25. :P

Leap on and start searching for them. You can get them in all local fancy stores I guess :)
If you are in Chennai, you can get them in T.Nagar.

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