August – September Finish Ups

Hiya beauties!
Here’s is my second Finish ups post :)

Yes! I admit. I take hell a lot of time to finish up products :( The thing is though I like them and use them everyday, when they start to get over more than 80% I get a fear of losing them and so stop using them. Sounds super foolish but that so happens with me :P

Enough of blabbers lets head on to the post!

Quick reviews about the empties

Hair Care

Tresemme Climate Control Conditioner

The shampoo was over 2 months back and the conditioner is also over now. Yayy :D
I just love it with any shampoo :)
Final verdict: My best hair carist :P
Would I repurchase: Definitely yes

Clear Anti-dandruff Shampoo

My L’Oreal anti-dandruff shampoo was over and it was out of stock everywhere. So meanwhile was planning to try some local drug store shampoo to know if it could help replacing my L’Oreal one. My first try was Clear anti-dandruff shampoo and yes it helped clearing the dandruff in first wash but sadly the effects didn’t last for more than a day :( So I must try some other shampoo now.
Would I repurchase: No

Skin Care

Ponds Pure White Face Wash

A wonderful, budget friendly smooth face wash that works wonders for oily skin keeping it oil-free for a good time of 4 hours. I so love it!
Would I repurchase: I have already repurchased it! :D

Nivea Pure Effects Total Face Cleanup

It promises to work as a 5-in-1 product for normal to oily skin.
Wash      Scrub      Pack      Oil remover      Spot reducer
I was attracted so much towards this product due to its high claims and the super appealing and bright packaging. It doesn’t score even 0.5 points as a face wash! It doesn’t lather even a leetle bit :(
As an everyday scrub it scores 4 out of 5. Yes works so well as a mild scrub.
As a pack it is of ok kind. Gives a clean and fresh skin but the effects last only for about an hour.
The rest 2 claims are just words!
Would I repurchase: Hell no!

Avon Solutions True Pore-Fection Toner

A toner specifically made for oily skin. Just a normal toner and nothing extraordinary.
Also I don’t really use toners every time. So it is a skip for me.
Would I repurchase: No

Eva Urbane Deo

I have two most favourite deos – Spinz Enchante and Eva Urbane :)
It has a super fresh and professional fragrance that could be the best for everyday use. I just love using it. And unlike all other eva deos, this lasts for almost 10-12 hours which is the best part :D
Would I repurchase: Yes! :D :D

Avon Glimmersticks Liqui Glide in Plum

My first Makeup empty after I started blogging :P Yes I never finish up makeup also that easily :(
It is a very good liner that glides so easily and spreads well. But the downside is it is very feeble and prone to breakage when pressed little hard.
Would I repurchase: No not now but maybe later if I don’t find any other good plum shade

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