P&P Review Meter: Eyetex Dazzler Eyeliner in Electric Blue

Product Description: Not available
Ingredients: Not listed
Price: 50 INR

I was once out for shopping and saw these liners in different colors. I first thought that they were nail paints and was thinking how flat the bottle was. On seeing the price, I was shocked like 50 for sucha small bottle :P Later I realized that they were eyeliners and my thought became vise-versa. How cheap they are!! :D
I always love electric blue so much so I picked it up in blue. There are also brown, copper and many other shades in this.

Coming to the review, the liner has a perfect consistency and applies smooth. But it takes bit time to dry. The brush is quiet thin enough to apply clean and lean strokes. But if you wanna build it up as a winged line, you will need to apply it twice or thrice. The brush is thin but not long enough, it could’ve been a little thick and little longer.

I have moderately oily lids and it stays without smudging for around 3-4 hours. But it would stay better on normal lids. The liner is smudge proof but dissolves under water – so it is not water proof. It has tiny glitter particles which start getting dispersed on the eyelid once it smudges. This could be a problem for those who don’t like glitter. Overall, a good product worth a try!



Affordable price
Six colors to choose
Can experiment with colors as it is dirt cheap
Nice consistency
Stays on for atleast 4 hours


Has glitter particles, wouldn't suit people who don't like glitter on their eyes
Very thin and small brush
Smudges after sometime

Final Verdict: Affordable, colorful liners that are worth a try!

Rating 3.5 out of 5


  1. Hi,
    Its really informative one!!! cool, I never really thought we have Eyetex Dazzler - color eyeliners.
    One question that suddenly bumps on to me is "'Do we need to do any patch test before going for any fresh eyeliners"

    My skin is quite sensitive one, I have been using Eyetx normal eyeliner - black hue for many months now, but not tried the blue color so far.

  2. Hi Sangeetha,

    Thanks for commenting :)
    Yes many brands do have colored liners in all formulations - Liquid, pencil and gel.
    And yeah it is better to do a patch test (maybe at the back of your ear) before using it as it is a little different than the Black dazzler liner (texture wise).

  3. Thanks for your suggestion:)
    I have used "Street wear" Brand - Blue hue... two weeks back and it caused some allergic reactions.
    I now started applying Ëyetex blueliner" but not continuously, only on alternate days. As of now there aren't any reactions ....only used twice. Is it okay if we remove after 8-9 hrs, will it cause any harm long term ?


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