P&P Review Meter: Jongxinxuemei Mask Time – Entire Hydrating Watery Silky Mask

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We all ladies love to keep our face fresh and youthful always and the greatest saviors in that case are our face masks and face packs. So today I'm going to review a wonderful face mask from a Korean brand. Read on to know whether it was a Yayy or a Nayy!

Mask time

Let rays of light and beauty be in the deep of women’s hearts

Watery Silky Mask (Skin presents watery and silky only in 5 days)

People who pay attention to the skincare knows the importance of using mask, the various functions of the mask will obtain good care to your skin, everyone can find their corresponding mask which according to their skin conditions.

Main Ingredients:

Ocean pearl extract, aloe extract, moisturizing cells, milk and etc.,


With the penetrate cell membrane function, enhance the skin moisturizing efficacy, with hydrating, moisturizing, nourishing and ageasia efficacies, improve the facial problems of lacking water and harassment of wrinkle, play strong locking water effect, double care your skin, leaving your skin tender and smooth longly.

Total efficacy:

Transparent water to the skin in every respect, release whiten elements to skin, with the functions of adjustness, pureness, anti-inflammatory and tightness, professional solute skin problems of lackluster, roughness, sensitivity, sallowness and so on. Arouse skin vigor and return to shine!!
(The words on the pack are really funny :P)

Price: INR 50

This is a sheet face mask and the pack contains mask sheet filled in with the pack solution. This is how the pack looks! I love the color of it, a pure white packaging with mint green border :D

(I’m a crazy fan of mint and menthol)

Inside the pack is the mask completely surrounded by the solution. The mask liquid looks just like water and feels greasy. The mask sheet is thick enough and covers the face completely. The mask quality is so good that you won’t feel it irritating (except for the fact that you are used to sheet masks).

I was so excited to try out the mask that I immediately put it on my face once I opened it.

I’m not so much used to sheet masks and I felt a little uncomfortable in the beginning. Later after sometime I got used to it and felt comfy with the mask on my face. I kept it on for around 20minutes after which I started feeling that the mask has dried up a little. So I just removed it off and washed my face with plain water to remove the remaining pack on face.
The pack liquid feels a little greasy when applied on face, guess it has collagen in it. And all lovely ladies, yes this mask really lives up to its claims :D :D :D

After washing my face my skin was squeaky clean and dirt free. Even the last trace of oil was removed. After some 10-15 minutes, I felt my skin tightened and fresh. The mask has really hydrated my skin very well that I felt it very soft and smooth. So yes yes yes! This mask works great and lives upto its claims.

  • Leaves skin squeaky clean, dirt and oil free

  • Tightens pores and hydrates skin

  • Lives upto its claims

  • Affordable price

  • My face is little small and the mask was big for my face :(
  • Availability could be a problem (I got it from local stores and I myself couldn’t find

 Rating 4 out of 5 (-1 for non-availability)

Would I recommend it? Of course a big YES

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