Born Pretty E-Store Holographic Nail Polish Review

Hello all lovelies!

Today I’m going to review a very beautiful Nail Polish from Born Pretty E-Store. Most of you here know very well about BPES and their exclusive collection of Nail paints, nail art stickers, templates etc. For those who are new to this online shopping world, BPES is a largest online shopping site which sells many kind of items including nail polishes, hair accessories etc. They even offer free shipping Worldwide!!

Their Nail polish collection includes sand nail polishes, yogurt polishes, glitteratties, candy color polishes, holographic polishes etc. Here I’m going to review their most lovely holo polish in shade #4.

I love the square bottle which contains the polish. The cap is quite sturdy and definitely you can carry it wherever you want. It is so cute and compact that it would fit perfect in your mobile pouch :P

The shade I have is a very cute onion pink color and I really really love it so much. You can see the cute holo glitters shining in the above pic :) They also sent me a small note :)

The polish itself is neither too runny nor too gooey. It is in the perfect state it must be sophisticating easy application. I must definitely appreciate the fibrous soft brush the bottle has which helps making the application so convenient. It really glides on my nails and fits exactly inside my nails preventing any application outside my cuticles.

Here is a swatch of the polish on my nails (it goes on opaque with 2 coats and can add one more coat if required).

I have a bad habit of trying different Mani styles with polishes and never leave them on their own on my nails :D So here are the swatches of BPES holo # 4 topped with Etude House Dear My Party Nails PRD301.

Oh you too want one? You can buy them here:

Final Verdict:

Best Holo Polish at an affordable price with wide color selection!

Rose Petals:
  • Cutest and vibrant shades
  • Beautiful bottle
  • Wonderful consistency
  • Versatile and flexible brush
  • Lovely holo effect

  • Quantity could’ve been a little more

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