Hello all lovelies!

Here is the Nail art of the week. Gradient nails are on the hottest trend now and many brands have started selling set of gradient polishes :)

So why not we jus join the craze?? :D

I tried on gradient nails with candy color polishes this week and here are the pics:

The actual colors used are a perfect candy red, a bright pink and a candy orange shades.

Above is a collage which shows the colors both in flash light and in normal light.

I recently bought a animal print mobile pouch and here's a pic of that. This pic shows the colors best but they look very pale here (they aren't this pale in real)

The nail polishes used are:

Nail juice nail paint in shade 38 (Hibiscus)
VOV nail paints in neon pink and orange

All of us love shopping and we always wish to go out on a shopping spree to relax ourselves.
But recently, due to heavy traffic, hectic work schedules, odd work timings, fatigue and tiredness and due to many other reasons we refrain ourselves from going out and wish to sit in home all day long during the week offs just eating and sleeping (atleast I feel like that).
As a big boon to all of us came the online shopping trend! Yes, shopping for things online was into market a very long time back but has hit the skies only in this century. And lately, it is the ultimate method everyone prefers these days.

Luxury of online shopping:
  •      You can be wherever you are. All you need is a laptop\desktop, an internet connection and a debit\credit card with lot of money. Even a wallet loaded with money would help (of course we have COD :D)
  •      You can shop with your left hand eating your favourite pizza or paratha with right hand – I mean it’s so simple!
  •       No physical presence is required, just virtual. Most importantly, you can wear anything you like – a mini or night dress and even tie up your hair as a worst messy bun :P No one cares as no one sees you! :D
  •       Top most, online shopping is a biggest time saver for the busy journalists, hectic IT professionals, caring mommies and even lazy ladies like me:P :D
  •       Online shopping is really indulging, convenient, comfortable and what not?! But people always find it most scary in the beginning as they aren’t used to it and because of the fear of their valuable details being hacked!!
So in order to help you all to come out of this terrible fear, I will be giving you tips and ideas here to make your online shopping a cake walk!
Come one ladies, hold my hand to get ‘em all :D
Note: I’m a crazy and worst online shopper. My roomie kids me like I even buy a toothbrush only online because it would be very costly and make my teeth whitest :P (though I’m not that crazy, she is someway true! I buy most of my things online because of three reasons – save money, save energy, I don’t get em all in my local stores:( )