Go Eyeconic With White
Break The Codes With White On Your Eyes This New Year
Lakme Launches 5 New Shades In The Eyeconic Kajal Portfolio

After the phenomenal success of Lakme Eyeconic Black Kajal, Lakmé brings home yet another international trend in the form of Lakmé Eyeconic White - an innovation that’s likely to break all codes of traditional kajal usage. For years, the black kajal has remained an integral part of an Indian woman’s beauty regime, but the new Lakmé Eyeconic White promises to change the game for eye make-up. Spotted at several runways internationally this is a first of its kind introduction by Lakmé in India. Along with white, Lakmé also introduces four must-have shades of brown, blue, grey and green to the Eyeconic collection.

The Eyeconic shades by Lakmé are easy to apply and require zero maintenance, just like your regular black. In merely one stroke the kajal promises a smudge-free professional finish up to 10 hours. It comes with a waterproof formulation that allows one to be carefree while washing face or even travelling. It is dermatologically tested and is safe to apply with its two-way retractable twist-up format

Talking about this new high-performance product, Arun Srinivas, VP Skin Care and Makeup, Lakmé says, “Indian women love to accentuate their eyes and the kajal remains an irreplaceable favourite. The success of Eyeconic Black encouraged us to look beyond the ordinary and we realize that our consumers are looking for subtle yet strong beauty statements that can enhance their overall look. Bearing this in mind, we now introduce the Eyeconic White – first of its kind innovation with a unique white packaging along with four more interesting shades that will take eye makeup to a new direction altogether.”

Speaking about the outstanding looks created for Eyeconic’s new range, Natasha Nischol, Lakmé Make-up Expert mentions, “The new range of Eyeconic is extremely unique and promising. White is an exciting color for the eyes, which can be used in the waterline to open up your eyes, or in the inner corners for the hint of brightness. Alternately you could also use it on the upper eye lids alone or with another color for a more dramatic effect. We have crafted some amazing looks with Kareena Kapoor to showcase the potential of this unusual color. Each color from the range is very unique and thoughtfully chosen to suit the Indian skin type. As a make-up professional, I am confident that this launch will surely create waves in the beauty and fashion scene in India.”

To get you started, Natasha Nischol has shared a cheat sheet with some quick eye looks to help you perfect the ‘white eye look’ this season.

Product Description:

Reinvent your everyday look with the all new Lakme Eyeconic White. With a deep colored stroke in an easy twist up format, it gives your eyes a long-lasting, Eyeconic look throughout the day.Smudge proof, water proof and dermatologically tested; Lakme’s Eyeconic White accentuates your eyes and makes them look bigger and brighter.

Key Features:

  • Smudge proof
  • Water Proof, Lasts up to 10 hrs
  • Safe for eyes
  • Convenient Twist- up format
Price: 250 INR for 0.35 Gms

How to wear it - the styling tip from Lakme:

Shades available:

I'm planning to try all colors from this range - I'm a sucker for colored kajals and eye pencils :D

So its Winter and literally no one loves to be in shower for a long while. But still personal hygiene is very important at any point of time. In this weather, we all try skipping something in our shower and try to get out of it quick to wrap ourselves in a warm cozy towel ;) But today I’m going to talk about a product\essential step which you should never skip in shower!

Yes as I told already personal hygiene should be taken very serious in this weather as our body loses its immunity very quick due to the cold weather and snowfalls. I always feel that my showers are never complete unless I wash my intimate regions with some perineal\topical wash. If you are a person like me who prefer taking special care of their vaginal area to prevent vaginal infections, then this review is for you! Read on!

About Lactacyd:

Every lady experiences perineal discomfort like vaginal itching, vaginal discharge and unpleasant odour. These perineal discomforts are often associated with vulvo-vaginal infections due to disturbance in flora and pH. Lactacyd, an effective and safe pernineal wash, is a unique combination of Lactic acid (a natural antiseptic) & Lactoserum ( a Natural Vitamin & mineral extract) and can be used during & after anti-infective therapy. Lactacyd restores normal vulvo-vaginal pH balance and provides relief from perineal discomforts.

Can Lactacyd feminine wash be used to cure a vaginal infection?

Lactacyd feminine wash will not cure an infection. Test results show that these feminine hygiene products can simply reinforce the effects of regular medications recommended by healthcare providers, like topical creams, suppositories, and pills. Using Lactacyd products along with the prescribed medications, however, have proven to aid cure and recurrence of the infection.

Price: INR 113.50 for 100 ml (also available in other variants)


Purified water…59.826% w/v, Zetesol MGS…25.250% w/v, Tegobetain HS…5.050% w/v, Euperlan PK810…5.050% w/v,  Lactoserum…1.016% w/v, Cetiol HE…1.010% w/v, Phenoxyethanol…1.010% w/v, Antil 141…1.010 % w/v, Lindum TE 5482…0.505% w/v, Bronidox L…0.202% w/v, Lactic acid…0.071% w/v

How to use:

Take 5 ml of Lactacyd on the palm, apply on the perineal area and rinse thoroughly with water. You can also use a clean washcloth for better hygiene.


It comes with a bigger cap and a nozzle that has a press cap. The press cap comes sealed. It is hassle free as there are no requirements to pierce the pack to get the product, you just need to press open the nozzle and start using it.

My Take On Lactacyd:

Warning: Strictly shouldn’t be used for douching!

I have previously used Avon simply delicate feminine washes and from then on I started sticking up to some feminine wash as it gave me a super comfy feel. I had 2 issues with the simply delicate range – to find a rep every time and they didn’t lather much :( (I’m a crazy lover of lather – SLS). So I was searching for a good wash that I can get easily and it was then my gyno suggested this to me as I met her to get treated for vaginal infection. Lactacyd is easily available in any drugstore… Yayy!!

So coming to the wash it has a slight creamy gelish texture and is pearl white in color. It doesn’t feel too thick nor too thin – just the right texture for a wash. It has a nice mild smell and lathers so well :D A little goes a long way (1 bottle lasts me for nearly 1.5 to 2 months). The wash doesn’t cause any irritation or allergy as it has very mild ingredients. In case if it causes any irritation, discontinue usage and consult a doctor. The wash makes you feel so comfortable down there – it doesn’t dry out your skin or make it oily. It keeps your vaginal area bacteria free and discomfort free too ;) I love to use this especially during my menstrual days when I feel so messy down there – it gives super clean effect. The packaging is also so sleek and travel friendly and it has a pink cap :D (which girl doesn’t love pink?!). You can take it anywhere :) So this is my best vaginal wash and I will continue using it for the whole of my lifetime :P


Rose Petals:

Sleek and travel friendly packaging
Mild and pleasant fragrance
Lathers adequately
Contains natural ingredients
Mild and safe to be used in intimate areas; doesn’t sting or irritate
Easily available at any chemist\drug stores



Rating: 5 Out of 5

Hiya sweeties!

Today’s review meter is about a cheap and affordable blush duo. It is Aziza blush duo in shade Natural 1. I received this as a gift from my friend, so did a little research to know more about it :)
Now here comes the review.

This is a dual blush so you get two beautiful colored blushes in one pack. Mine had a pink and a warm gingery shade which I loved most (but I shattered and powdered it, it stays in a little pot now:().


It comes in a flip pack with a transparent top cover. The pack has a tiny brush and a mirror inside.

Price: 2.49$ for 7.0 g

This is my blush pack after one shade broke, I couldn’t get rubbing alcohol anywhere here in Chennai so couldn’t set back the blush :(

The shades are so lovely and light. They don’t look OTT at all. They have very fine shimmer which is not visible at all. They are bit powdery in texture and so might look chalky if over-applied. But looks perfect when applied with a light hand. It doesn’t last so long – just gives the flush for an hour hardly after which it isn’t even visible on your cheeks. But I cannot expect more than this from a cheap blush. I use it for office everyday as I don’t sweat much there and I’m fine with the lasting power!

Literally the mirror and brush are of no use at all. The bristles of the brush are too harsh and they sometimes hurt your skin badly. On the other hand nothing is visible in the mirror even in perfect daylight which makes it a complete waste. Maybe it adds look to the packaging and nothing else it does.


Rose Petals:

Dirt cheap
Cute packaging, comes with an applicator and built-in mirror(though not of any use)
Though not highly pigmented not chalky too


Poor lasting power
Flip case might break if handled in a hurry