A blast of color with the sheer indulgence of cocoa butter!

What The Brand Claims?

Now get soft, supple and luscious lips with Elle18 Color Pops. Cocoa butter and jojoba oil packed into a moisturizing core and sure to provide you with intense color soaked lips. Available in more than 40 shades. So go ahead, pick the color of your kiss from Frosted Cherry to Iced Chocolate, from Spice Ginger to Grape Rain.

What It Contains?

Not listed except cocoa butter!

Price: INR 120 for 4.3 ml

Shelf Life: 30 Months

Being a beauty blogger I didn't know about this amazing thing until an year ago!
It's called Reverse Shampooing. Yes!
I have super fine, thin hair and whenever I condition my hair it stays fine for a day and my hair starts getting weighed down after that :( If I try skipping my conditioner my hair becomes frizzyyyy! I know I know! I could hear many of you saying "Same to same"

Almost an year ago one day I was ranting to my sister about my hairfall and hair becoming thinner and she was like "than why don't you try conditioning your hair first and then shampooing?"
I was like "Go weirdo it's wrong!" and she was like "hello its called reverse shampooing and it does work, I have tried myself."
That's when I got introduced to this miraculous process called Reverse Shampooing\Reverse Washing or in simple terms as I call it 'Reversing' :P and I have never looked back from then! :D

I'm a junkie when it comes to haircare products and I love trying new ones a lot.
I have seen the Garnier Ultra Doux range raved so much on US blogs and always wanted to try these out especially for the unique and classy packaging of each of the variants :)
So when this range was launched in India, I picked it as soon as I could ;)
Read on to know if the range really cured my enthusiasm!

Hello There!
Welcome back to my blog and here is a new post today on our Bridal Series.
Today we are going to see what to eat and what not to eat when you are a Bride - the super foods for the super bride.
Keep reading and a bride or not eating these foods and including them in your daily meals is definitely beneficial in many ways! :)

Shopping online isn't an easy task until you know which sites you can rely on and which you can't!
Here is a walkthrough just for you about the commercial sites which would help you pick one or many as you like :D

There are basically two kinds of commercial websites that sell products.

First type are the ones that concentrate on a particular stream of products, procure and curate products from suppliers themselves, have their own warehouse and sell products themselves.

The second type are the contractual kind of ones where they kinda serve as a middle man between the buyer and the seller. The sites would still have their own warehouse and procure products but not all of them they sell. They do allow third party sellers to sell products through their site and this helps both the seller and the commercial site to earn their fare share in the transaction.

There are millions of sites under each of these categories and I can't just say you can trust & rely on all of 'em! In this post I will give you some information and sample sites under each category and suggest you sites under each category based on my experience :)
This is going to be a compact post and I will give you much more details on a later post ;)

Being a bride\groom not only is a position but is a honor that you have to embrace with pride!
With this there comes the responsibility of not only standing tall but also to make yourself look elegant and gorgeous.

Body is the temple of your soul and keeping it at its pink of health is always important.
We saw some tips to keep you mentally strong in our previous post and in this post we are going to see ahem ahem tips to keep yourself physically strong & healthy too :)
Without further ado lets hop onto the post!

This is a series I'm trying to pull in on Pretty Polka to help my readers know some basics not about anyone or anything but you!
So today's post is going to be about the dermis, epidermis, subcutis - oh wait yup its about the layer that protects your vital organs. Ok chill! its your skin and we are gonna see some basic skincare tips today to keep it glowing :))

Today I'm going to review a romantic lippy which is rightly named - Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Romantic ;)

Total Clean Express Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

A makeup remover is always a must have in my kitty as I don't like using oil to remove my makeup - I hate oil on my face and lazy to clean up the oil residue after removing makeup too.
So I look out for makeup removers that are oil free to get that squeaky clean skin after removing my makeup.
When the Maybelline Total Clean Express Eye and Lip Makeup Remover was launched in market, although it was pricey I wanted to try it as I wanted to know if it would be my best bud.
I'm already on my third bottle since then and let's see how it happened :)

First and foremost of being a bride is "being the center of attraction"
You might have been part of a cheerleading squad, a committee chair, gold medalist, a VJ or any kind of popular person but still being the bride is not similar to any of this and any bride will have thousand butterflies fluttering in the pit of her stomach!
So the first thing you must learn is how to handle it mentally and physically :)
Here are the foremost tips for every bride-to-be out there to handle the stress during their big day!