Oiling your hair is essential as it helps in nurturing, nourishing and keeping it healthy!
Healthy locks are just a little oil away upto me :) I oil my scalp twice a week and it helps in making them healthy inside out. I love using oil mixtures rather than a single oil but Mr. Husband loves to use just one - see how different we are? :P
So I gifted him the super popular hair oil from my favourite to the heart brand and this review is majorly going to be his views - and of course I hijack it at times and try it myself so there will be bits and pieces of my views too ;) :D

Yami Herbals Traditional Herbal Hair Oil Review, Swatches

I'm just back from an almost week long vacation and it was a blast :D We had a great time and as it was a family trip we got some lazy afternoons to chit chat, take strolls, play some games and get some good sleep! Now as we are back I just thought of sharing some essential tips and tricks with you guys like what to pack for travel, what not to pack, how to pack light etc etc - I'm starting off with Travel Skincare & Makeup Tips!
I have already shared my travel skincare & haircare essentials video, do check it out here if you would like to! :)

Travel Skincare, Haircare And Makeup Tips

South Indian Actress Nayanthara is an amazing dresser and her style is super classy. I'm a huge fan of her style & makeup and being a beauty blogger it doesn't hurt to have some inspirations :)
Her makeup is kinda constant but very professional, wearable and stunning! A neutral smokey eye, neutral lip color, dewy skin with highlight on fleek and you're sorted with a Nayanthara inspired makeup - it sure as hell isn't as easy as it sounds though!
So today's post is going to be a tutorial on Nayanthara famous Brown Smokey Eyes :))

Nayanthara Eye Makeup Tutorial

As we all know how much important it is to oil our hair or should I say scalp it's also important to do it the right way as using oils right will improve the benefits. Today's post will throw some light on how you can use oils to your advantage :)

How To Oil Your Hair

I'm not really best friends with Lip Liners - we are friendly but not friends because I hardly notice myself taking them to any party or even my makeup bag! I prefer lip crayons or pencil lip colors as they easily double up! Although I do pick up lip liners occasionally. Mostly basic neutral shades as they help to amp up my no-makeup makeup looks and also lends a hand in toning down brighter shades :) If you would like to know how to apply your lipstick perfectly then check out a detailed post here!
So Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Liners are pretty steeply priced but they were all the rage and when I had a need to pick up a nude liner I chose this one! Read on to know how it fared :)

Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Liner Brick Rose Review

Hola people!

It's been very long since I did a makeup post here although I post one everyday on Instagram :D
Do follow me there for some fun and friendship :)
So I thought why not pull out some of our favourite makeup looks that can be sported for this Eid and for all my muslim friends who celebrate the festival Eid Mubarak!!

Sometimes when you see something it just fills your heart in such a way that it doesn't go away from your memory at all!❤️ The products from Blue Feather were on my wishlist for quite a while as I just loved their products and their choice of ingredients a lot :)
Just not that - their products are so pure & must admit their product shots are mind-blowing!! ❤️

Blue Feather is again a homegrown brand based out of Tamil Nadu which manufactures organic skincare products that are free from sulphates, parabens and other chemicals! They have the cutest and eco-friendly packaging ever and I'm so in love with their packaging :D I have been trying a few products from Blue Feather and it has been over a month now so - review time!!❤️

Blue Feather Skin Care Range

Blue Feather Skin Care Range

Grandmas always emphasized on oiling your hair no matter what and as teens we always wanted to just run away from looking messy! Now turning back I wouldn't have really got long or thick hair during my teens if it wasn't for my grandma or dad - so I'm eternally grateful for them! They both were my hair care and skin care experts all through my childhood :) I loved oiling my hair until I stepped into college and my routine changed a lot after that! And now at 30 I'm crying cray cray over my lost hair and trying to save what is left - story of my life :(
And today's post is going to be for all those men and women out there who just love their hair. Then you obviously need to know why oiling your hair is important ;)

Why Oiling Your Hair Is Important

Lip Plumpers - How fancy do they sound? :D
Well for makeup junkies and women with thin lips like me it sounds like a fantasy!
I always wanted to try lip plumpers to see what the fuss is about but I couldn't find one at an affordable price in the Indian market! What will someone do when they find a dirt cheap lip plumper online while browsing? They add it to the cart quickly! Duh! And that's the story of my cute little NY Bae Lip Plumper's entry into my vanity :D

NY Bae Lipping on Broadway Lip Plumper

As you all know I'm a lipstickholic and the top most products I have reviewed on my blog are lipsticks! I love those tiny munchkins :D When I started to fall in love with lipsticks I was so inspired by red lipsticks and I was mostly stocking up on them with a very few neutral shades. Then I started leaning more towards vampy reds, purples, wine reds and I fell in love all over again with deeper tones. Pink was not much of my favourite - god knows why! But off late I find myself loving and picking up a lot of pink lipsticks. This one of course is not a recent purchase but I have been loving it a lot and noticed that I haven't reviewed it - crime right? So here is a detailed review of one of my favourite pink lipsticks - Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lip Color Flirtatious Pink.

Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lip Color Flirtatious Pink Review