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Welcome back to my world and here I'm back with this week's post on the bridal series which is a continuation of one of my previous posts - a guide to pick up return gifts or say recreations for the kids who attend your wedding\one organized by you!

Kids are always special and they fill the surrounding with so much bliss & joy when around. What would you do to entertain them when you have a bunch running around during your wedding?
Well fret not for here is the greatest ideas I could get for you to engage them ;)
Some of these ideas are gifting based and some are venue setup based gathered at one spot for you to choose easily :)

How To Pick Gifts For Your Wedding Guests - The Kids Edition
Hi Beauties!
How did your Mother's day go? Mine went kinda just ok as I couldn't meet my mom on the special day :( In case if you missed reading my Mother's Day post just hop on here to read it :)
Today I'm going to review a few more Elle18 lipsticks :P

Mommies are always the sweetest and every kid loves their mom (by kid I mean every one of us :P)!
Although my mom is always special to me and every mother's day is special, this mother's day is very special for me & my mom as I'm soon going to be a mother myself :)
This is obviously a Mother's day special post on What I Got From My Mother #GotItFromHer!
Yes everyone is unique in their own ways but there are always some personality traits, habits and mannerisms we inherit from our parents.
Today I will be sharing with you all what I inherited from my mommy #GotItFromHer :D

Every girl is close to her mother and the closeness just keeps growing everyday. Mine was a joint family and I was brought up until my school days by my grandmother (Dad's mom).
Although I was living with my mom & dad but still I got very less time to spend with them as my granny never used to leave me with them until I was a grown up. My mom being a working woman has to manage both household tasks and her job as well. So it was kinda hard for her to spend more time with me.

But she always managed to take sometime out of her schedule and spend time with me - the most time we spent together was when I studied at home.
She is a teacher by profession and obviously keen on making me study & score well she used to spend all her time on that!
She is the only reason for my good english vocabulary - yes I thank only her for that not any of my teachers!!

Lookswise I totally look like my dad and my mom always feels very bad when she sees a girl resemble her mom. She will be like "see that girl looks just like her mom"
I never understood this feel of her - I would think what is there in not looking like her. But after marriage whenever I miss her and see myself in the mirror I would get the same feel "Cha why don't I look like my mommy? :("

My mom being a full-time teacher and a home maker is a clean freak. She keeps the home neat & clean all the time! I on the other hand am a lazy person and my home is never clean :/
But I did inherit some habits from her #GotItFromHer like doing the household tasks to perfection (everytime I do it) and organizing things the perfect way :)

After my marriage I realized that nature wise I'm a complete reflection of my mom. I never realized or felt it until then and even now I got to know it from Mr. hubby!
Yup from the time we got married (that's after when he actually started knowing my mom) he used to tell me everyday like "you do this like your mom.. you talk like your mom.. you walk like her"
And slowly I started realizing that I'm a reflection of her in many ways and now I feel super proud because although I don't look like her but still I have got many personality traits from her #GotItFromHer.

My mom is one superwoman upto me - she is bold, beautiful, strong and totally selfless when it comes to me. She would literally do anything for me :D
I love my mommy so much and I'm very happy that I have inherited so many personality traits from her #GotItFromHer. Proud to be her daughter and on this Mother's day I would like to wish her a very Happy Mother's day and tell her that I love her so much! Love you ma <3 :-* :-*

Well I hate stereotypical posts and so instead of going on the next edition of gifts for wedding guests I'm going with a cool post that would help any bride\groom out there who are nervous about the expenditures!

To be frank the love marriage percentage has spiked these days and rather than letting their parents spend all the money they saved on the wedding, youngsters have started putting up their own pennies for the wedding expenditures. Well it's not in all cases but mostly :)

So when I'm spending lakhs and lakhs of rupees for my wedding how the hell am I supposed to save atleast a few thousands in it?
Well here I'm with a super cool post curated with most of the tips that I can offer on saving money on your wedding. Without further blahs here are your tips ;)
(Note: If you are a regular reader of all my blog posts then you would have come across many of these tips in my wedding budget post)

Summers always take a toll on your hair and keeping your hair healthy, clean & cool during the summer is very important!
Although I wash my hair every alternate day my hair still gets sticky and smell-y in summers coz of sweaty scalp and the travel in sun :(

I do use a homemade hair pack once a week to keep my hair healthy and smooth but sometimes I'm lazy and skip it - apply oil and wash my hair. I'm not much into chemical hair packs as they ruin your hair over a period of time. So when I got a chance to try this all natural Hibiscus Brahmi hair pack from Omved Naturals I was elated :D
Read on to know more about it and my experience with the hair mask :)


To know more about the brand follow them on their Social Media :)

Summers are the season I'm not very fond of as the constant sweating & sweat smell irritates me!
I keep looking for and juggling between so many bath & body products especially during summers to see which one keeps me cool and of course pleasant-smelling :D
I love aromatic soaps and shower gels the most as they make me get refreshed instantly after a shower so when I got a chance to try the Omved Malati Jasmine Blossoms Soap bar that too in such hot hot summer how could I say no? ;)
Read on to know more about my experience with Omved Malati Jasmine Blossoms Soap.

To know more about the brand follow them on their Social Media :)

My internet was down for the past 2 days and just got it up & running! Ufff feeling relieved :D

So first things first - Shaving is by far the only hair removal method I use and trust. I tried depilatory creams a few times but always feel shaving is better and comfortable for me ;)
I keep hunting for good razors frequently as I love trying out new razors in market and when I received this Gillette Venus Breeze kit I was excited to try it :)
Summers are the perfect time to get that smooth shave on and flaunt your beautiful skin ;)
Read on to know if I was blown away or not!

Hey sweeties how are you doing? :)
I'm doing good and life is going on!
I'm generally into eyeshadow palettes than mono's & trio's as I find them more versatile than the singles. But when I saw this eyeshadow I just wanted to have it :D
(It's been more than an year I guess since I bought it though :P)
And after this one I kinda picked a few good mono eyeshadows from a few brands ;)
Read on to know my experience with the mono :D

Hello Readers Welcome Back :)
Today I'm here with another lip product review and it's a gloss! Well it's paraben-free.
Read on to know more about it :P

Hello all!
Welcome back to my world :)
Today's post is going to be a little different here but very special! <3

Gifts always make me super happy and guess you too? ;) Then this post is for you :)
I love gifting my loved ones on every possible occasion say Valentines day, Anniversary, Mother's day, Father's day- sometimes it would be a DIY or an ideal gift to the person based on their taste. I recently got a chance to try IGP.com - Indian Gifts Portal which is an online gifting portal that delivers gifts of various categories at your doorstep and specifically when you need them to be delivered. Cool right?
Read on to know more about IGP.com and my experience with the site :D

By now you must have known that I'm a huge fan of matte lipsticks and keep hoarding them ;)
And here is one from a budget range -  MakeUp Academy Matte Lipstick in the shade Scarlet Siren. Read on to know more about it;)

MUA Matte Lipstick Scarlet Siren Review

I'm a huge fan of textured nail paints although I don't review them much on my blog - lazy you see! :P
But today I'm going to kinda review a beauty here which reminds me of sea & beach everytime I paint it on my nails :))
It's the Faces Cosmetics Ultime Pro Sand Coat in shade Lyon!

I'm a kajal freak and I buy kajals of many types from many brands!
However I have a list of top 5 kajals and this cutie is one of them :)
Read on to know why Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal tops my list!

Winters are calming & soothing temperature-wise but sadly they don't have the same effect on our lips! :( Winters cause dryness leading to rough chapped lips and sadly not all our regular lip balms & butters work the same way as they do in other seasons. I have pretty normal lips but they crack a lot in winters. I was on the hunt for a lip butter that would give me smooth supple lips & finally this guy won the battle ;)

Himalaya Herbals Natural Moisturizing Lip Butter
Hello sweeties! How are you doing?Today I'm going to review one of my favourite moisturizers and I'm pretty excited :D
This one is my favourite in all aspects ;)
Read on to know more about my magical moisturizer :P :D