Well well well see who is posting here! Sorry guys I have been super duper busy in life and couldn't get much time to blog it out :(
I'm trying to get back on track but however not promising anything for now. Just trying to post as & when possible to make you lovely readers remember me - thanks for still following my blog despite more than a whole month of silence! :)

Today I'm going to review a product that is from a renowned brand, very popular yet super affordable and compact to carry with ease. Read on to know more about it and to know if it's part of your vanity already ;)

Hey beauties!

Sorry for being MIA for so long. I have gotten one more step ahead in life and life's keeping me super busy :D
There would be some lag in my posts but I'm definitely not going to let this baby alone :)
Well today I'm going to review the last shade of Elle18 lipstick I currently have!

We gave you all details on how to choose the perfect Bridal MUA for your big day and the top questions you need to ask them!
Well in today's post we are going to give you our best possible list of top Bridal Makeup Artists in Chennai - artists who are best in all aspects :) Without further let's get on to the list and get going!

It was a lazy sunday morning nad the weather was breezy enough to push me back to bed :P
Time was already past 8 and I had to shed away my laziness so got up from bed. I had big plans for the day and was determined to get it done.

I married the man of my dreams and I'm super lucky to have the perfect husband in the world *touchwood*
He takes care of me so much and pampers me like a baby which makes me feel super elated :)
But what do I do in return for him? Of course I love him more than anything\anyone in the world but still it's my dream to get him something he always wanted!
Yup he is a super crazy fan of Royal Enfield and have always wanted one :) So when I heard about this #RideTheRoyal contest by Mehta jewellery #MehtaJewellery I wanted to win this One Of The Kind Gold Plated Royal Enfield Bullet 500 just for him!

Kannukku Mai Azhagu
Kavidhaiku Poi Azhagu
Avaraiku Poo Azhagu
Avaruku Naan Azhagu!

Kohl Is Beautiful For Eyes
Lies Are Beautiful For Poems
The Flower Is Beautiful For Flat Beans
I'm Beautiful For Him!

Whenever I hear someone say Mai (kajal\kohl) this popular song from the 90s run in my mind!
And it's very true that nothing can make a girl's face look more gorgeous and pretty than her Kohl Rimmed Eyes (atleast upto me) :) I'm a huge kajal lover and love trying new kajals from time to time.
I was pretty happy with my Lakme Eyeconic Kajal and when Faces launched this one a year ago or so I was still in love with Eyeconic :P

Faces MagnetEyes Kajal Review, Swatches

Once I ran out of my kajals and wanted to buy a new pack I was like "why not try this?" and of course I did! Read on to know if I'm happy with my choice :)

Faces MagnetEyes Kajal Review, Swatches

Hello beauties!

We all have had our fair share of hair woes and for many of us finding that best hair brush was one of them! I found my favourite a while back and kinda stuck with it - very much happy too :D
Here is a quick post about Compact Styler Tangle Teezer Hair Brush. Do check out the video for a detailed review about it :)

I know it's been very long since I posted any hack here and this series is almost dormant here!
I kinda decided to start it off again - let's see how long I could continue this :)

Today's hack is a very simple quick and pretty affordable one!
Running out of blotting sheets or feel they're pretty pricey just like I do?
But we still need them for getting a clean oil-free T-zone right?

DIY Blotting Sheets 

DIY Blotting Sheets

Here is a quick way to make your own blotting sheets. Get some trace papers from stationary shop or baking sheets and cut them to the desired size.
Here are your blotting sheets ready & handy :)

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DIY Blotting Sheets

You can pack them in cute boxes or eye catching packaging to make them look classy and perfect :D

DIY Blotting Sheets


So we saw in our previous post on how to choose a Bridal Makeup Artist. But after choosing the one how can you make sure that they are the 100% perfect MUA for you? Well here we are to help you out with that too. In today's post we are going to tell you the top questions you must be asking your Bridal Makeup Artist so that you can make sure you have nothing to worry about later!

10 Questions To Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist

Although you would be inquiring many details to your Makeup Artist it is still important to ask them a few essential questions and know the details as they would be of great help for you to decide further. Here is our compilation of those essential questions just for you :)

What Are The Bridal Packages Offered & Pricing

Every MUA have their own set of services they offer and packages with different options from which you can choose for yourself. So always first check with them about it and see what services each of them cover under their bridal packages to decide.

What Are The Bridal Packages Offered & Pricing

Will You Do A Trial Makeup & Do You Charge For Makeup Trials?

Makeup trials are generally offered by every MUA and is free mostly but still there are a few popular ones who do charge additionally for makeup trials. So always check with your artist whether you will be charged additionally for your makeup trial - be it for the reception or the wedding!

Will You Do A Trial Makeup & Do You Charge For Makeup Trials?

Also make sure to check with them on how many looks they would try during the trial as there are chances you might not be very satisfied easily with a single look.

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I Had A Change Of Mind And Would Like To Try A Different Makeup Look. Will You Be Charging Extra For A Re-Trial?

Not all of us are always perfect or completely satisfied everytime! There are chances we might suddenly not like our bridal outfit, or might need some changes in the outfit or makeup! In case if it happens you might need to know very well before whether your bridal makeup artist would be available\interested in doing a re-trial for you even if you have to pay extra because a happy bride is pretty expensive ;)

10 Questions To Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist

So inquire on re-trials beforehand and it would be helpful even if you aren't going to utilize it!

What Would Be The Additional Charges For Grooming The Bride Groom And\Or Other Relatives At The Wedding?

Asking favours from the bridal makeup artist at the weddings are common and especially asking her to apply lipstick for every female in the hall is very prevalent in indian weddings :P But remember that they are professionals and it is their job to groom you well but it's our responsibility as well to give them the respect they deserve. So talk to them before openly to know what is comfortable for them and if they would like to charge additionally for such favours.

10 Questions To Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist

10 Questions To Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist

You can also try and include a quick grooming for your Man as men also love dressing up and a good artistic touch would make them super happy :D Of course you can also arrange a dedicated makeup and grooming artist for him if he wishes to :)

Assess Their Knowledge In The Field Of Makeup & Skin Types

As we discussed in our previous post raise questions on the knowledge of the makeup artist in the field of bridal makeup, the skin types they have knowledge about and whether they have adequate experience in performing bridal makeup on your specific skin type. This would help you know more about the artist as well as your own skin :)

10 Questions To Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist

Questions To Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist

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Any Suggestions You Can Provide On Pre-Wedding Prep?

Most makeup artists do have wide knowledge on skin types & skincare and love to provide suggestions to their clients on how they could prepare themselves for the big day. As they would be the one handling your skin on your big day it would be really helpful to check with them on pre-bridal routine and follow them to get that great skin & look on your wedding day! :)

Questions To Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist

Would It Be Possible For You To Travel To The Wedding Venue For The Event?

Bridal artists do handle their work based on different venue choices like some choose to do it in their own studio, some do it at home and some would be willing to travel to the venue to perform the bridal makeup. So discuss with your MUA to ensure they would travel to the wedding venue for performing the makeup and also about their travel arrangements.
In case if your wedding is happening in a different city then make sure to check with them on their travel and stay as you would need them to be available in the venue for longer time!

Questions To Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist

What Should I Bring For The Trial?

You can't go bare-handed for a makeup trial can you?
We know very well that we would require the bridal outfit and probably the accessories for the trial. But do you know there could be more things required?
So it's always safe to check with your bridal makeup artist on what you must be carryng with you for the makeup trial and also what would be the alternative idea if you don't have it with you. Like I didn't have my wedding outfit until early morning on my wedding as my hubby's family wanted to do some rituals with it the previous night!

10 Questions To Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist

Would You Like To See Any Reference Makeup Looks I prefer?

Bridal artists are familiar with the makeup look that would go well with specific kind of attire but not all of us just love to go with suggestions right?
Make sure to check with your Bridal Makeup Artist if they would be interested in doing a makeup look you saw on a celebrity or the friend of yours which you loved. This way you can make sure you don't eliminate your desired look without trying it on! :D

10 Questions To Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist
What Would Be Your Backup Plan In Case You Fall Sick Or Couldn't Come For The Wedding Due To Personal Hindrances?

Questions To Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist

Situations do happen but we cannot panic in the last moment right? So there is nothing wrong in checking with your bridal artist on their availability and alternate plans on their non-availability on your wedding day! Make sure they have an alternate artist to back them up in case they end up unavailable on your big day. Refund is second thing but a bridal artist to back them up is more essential to get you gorgeous isn't it? ;) :)

Hope you enjoyed reading the post. Do add if any questions are missing! :)

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Hello Beauties!

A chipped nail is always annoying & heart-breaking!
In today's tutorial we are showcasing a very easy and simple way to fix a broken nail which can help keep the nail in place for a week atleast! Go ahead watch it and pour your views in comments :)

Bonjour mes beaut├ęs!

Time is fleeting and summers are killing me. Combating the heat, sweat and fatigue all day long takes my energy away :(
But life keeps going :)
I'm not much of an everyday blush person and I prefer wearing blush only during festivals or functions where I could flaunt a glow or rosy cheeks :D

But I love love highlighters and like mixing liquid ones with my foundation everytime I do a full face makeup or use the powder ones kinda everyday :P Nothing beats a good glow na? ;)
I always wanted a rose gold blush as I love the shade very much and I'm even looking for a good rose gold eyeshadow!
I wanted this blush for so long as it is a perfect combination blush & highlight in one pack and decided not to wait anymore so picked it up right away :)