If you are someone from South India (Especially Tamil Nadu) then you would have definitely heard about the recent Pongal release of Actor Ajith Kumar 'Viswasam' starring Nayanthara as the female lead actress. Well me being a super crazy fan of Lady Superstar Nayanthara and Mr. Husband being a crazy fan of Thala Ajith we happened to watch the movie over a weekend and we loved it (I'm neither going to the part of discussing the movie or how many people hate it nor spill any beans here). If you are a fan of South Indian fashion and love Nayanthara's personal style then I 100% recommend you to watch the movie :) It's a family entertainer (Completely sentimental story line!).

And this post is going to be a break down of Nayanthara's makeup, hair and fashion in the movie Viswasam. I couldn't get a hang of much clear pictures of her from the movie anywhere as it's a recent release but I really can't get that face & makeup out of my mind :D so I'm decoding it here for you :))

Nayanthara Makeup Look In Viswasam Decoded - Pretty Polka

"A Woman Looks More Beautiful When She Blushes"

I have love-hate relationship with blushes! I never used to be comfortable wearing a blush when I first started using makeup. Although I loved the way it made my makeup look I felt it was so artificial! Growing up, learning makeup slowly made me realize that blushes are perfectly beautiful if worn (especially blended) right :)
There started our love story with some cheekiness! :D

Today I'm reviewing one of the gorgeous blushes I have ever tried! I have mostly tried powder blushes as cream blushes make my skin greasy after a few hours. The Matt Look Cosmetics Zero Pore Mattify Longwearing Blusher is a cream blush but I absolutely fell in love with it!! Read on to know why :)

Matt Look Cosmetics Zero Pore Mattify Longwearing Blusher Fuschia Pink Review, Swatches

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Hello lovely readers!
Wish you all a very happy and love filled month and happy VDay❤️ in advance :)
Love is something that's celebrated all over the universe without any discrimination and it's kind of the only emotion that has the power to both strengthen and weaken a human!

We (Me & Mr.Husband) have been in a relationship for past 6+ years (many more to come) and we have been through a lot in these 6 years! Although we were in love for 4+ years before our wedding back on September 04,2016 these 2+ years of courtship has taught us a lot about ourselves, knowing each other better, learning the art of adjustment and majorly tolerating each other despite knowing that it's for a lifetime :D

Tips For A Successful Relationship

In this month of love I'm going to share some tips and tricks with all you people out there who are looking for a successful relationship rather than breaking up every few months!
For some Valetines Day gift ideas for your man check out this post and check out this post for a easy peasy Valentines Day makeup look & hairstyle :)

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Makeup Is Not Just A Mask, It's A Manifestation Of Your Inner Spirit!❤️

Makeup is something every woman (and a few men) love and it differs from person to person. But to achieve a good makeup look sourcing the right makeup is not enough, you also need the right tools to make it look flawless and beautiful!

Here in India there are a very few brands that make quality or atleast good makeup tools and unfortunately we need to depend on other countries if we need some good makeup tools! A good news is that WiseShe is a new brand making makeup tools at affordable prices, based out of India! WiseShe is the brailchild of Anamika, a popular Indian Beauty & Parenting blogger and that means the brand knows how their products have to be!😊  They are completely cruelty-free, Latex-free and made in India :)

I have a few brushes from their collection and today's review is going to be about their most popular, much raved multi-tasker - WiseShe Cheek, Contour & Powder Brush!

WiseShe Cheek, Contour & Powder Brush Review

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We know how much you love your guy. He has been treating you like a princess, helping you out with your life and most importantly tolerating your tantrums; there is so much that he does for you; you would want to grab this opportunity to show him how much you love him. And what could be a better chance than the Valentine's Day, that special day when you celebrate being in a relationship with the guy you love so much.

We also know he is the one who is usually gifting you and giving you treats for different reasons, just to see that smile on your face. Now it is your time to show him some real love and some appreciation that you value him so much in your life.
If you are too skeptical of the old ways of gifting your man, here are some unique Valentine’s Day Gift for Him.

Do you know that here in South India we have a strange belief surrounding mirrors? Yes, putting a mirror right across your main door (almost close to the roof) or in the place where you keep your God’s idols & frames bring wealth – that’s what we believe in!
We know that they can be pretty, reflect what they see, of course, make us look amazing but do all the mirrors in the world make you appear beautiful? Debatable!
Well now since all of us love mirrors and love seeing ourselves in one, today’s post is going to be about the types of mirrors available in the market and how to pick one for yourself based on your requirements and usage.
Let’s hop on right into the post, shall we? :)

How To Buy Mirrors Online

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Every woman and even men for that matter love to take good care of their hair be it long, short, straight, curly, wavy anything! But do you know if you are really taking care of your hair the right way?

Did you just go thoughtful for a moment? Then this series is just for you as we are going to tell you some great haircare tips and guide you the right way :)
And this being the first post in the series is going to be about the 'Right Way To Wash & Condition Your Hair'!

How To Wash & Condition Your Hair

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Lipsticks are my weakness and liquid lipsticks are my recent craze!
Liquid lipsticks although coined by a single term comes in so many variants and formula these days and I want to try every single one of them :P
I recently got a chance to pick up some great products from Matt Look Cosmetics and I picked up two liquid liquid lipsticks from their 2-in-1 liquid lipstick range :) Both the shades I picked are bright, fun and completely pretty :D
So the brand sounds new and the 2-in-1 lipsticks sound unique - wanna know them better? Then stay on and read on :)

Matt Look Cosmetics Color Stay 2 In 1 Liquid Lipsticks Review, Swatches

I love dresses but I prefer maxi dresses as I always choose comfort over style! I love conservative fashion a lot and if you see all my OOTDs will be around that theme :)
But sometimes I do love those cutesy little dresses (especially the LBD) and love flaunting them with a pair of stockings and stilettos :D
However here in this post I'm showing you three different styles in which you can wear your little dress!

How To Style Your Little Dress

I'm taking a step forward towards Sustainable Living and building a Sustaniable wardrobe which means I wouldn't be throwing away my clothes without them undergoing 20 washes atleast! This helps minimize a lot of waste we dump on earth and also gallons of water used to make one piece of fabric we choose to wear :) Just my teeny weeny step having my environment and planet in mind <3
No more stories, let's hit it on shall we? ;)
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Skin Type: Oily Combination Skin
Product Type: Makeup Remover/Tool
Product Name: Bella Double Side Cotton Pads

Cotton pads and makeup removal wipes are life for any makeup lover :D It is always good, safe and recommended to get rid of all your makeup before you hit the sack everyday! And the best tool to get it done next to a good makeup remover is cotton pads\balls. When my craze for makeup started I wasn't much aware of such options and all I used was some cheap wet wipes and disposable cotton rolls from pharmacies!! They're super troublesome as the cotton threads come off every single time completely making my eyes reddened and watery :( Later when the blogger me came into picture I started exploring the options and picked up my first set of cotton pads - and it was from Bella :))
And since almost 4+ years (:O) I still keep a stock of cotton pads from Bella because till date they're my fave, HG everything :D :D

So why Bella you ask? Because they are of amazing quality with an affordable price tag! What else do you really want?
Read on to know more about these double sided cotton pads from Bella :)

Bella Double Side Cotton Pads Review, Demo