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Sorry for being MIA for long - honestly haven't got much time to sit and pen down a post at one go :( *sigh* But I'm pretty active on Insta and update almost every day! Are you following me there? If not you are missing something interesting, so do follow me right now here :)!!

Mangalyam Thanthunanena - My Journey As A Bride: Nalangu Function

 Sipping a sizzling hot cup of coffee is always relaxing! But what is more relaxing than finding your perfect summer lip shade which doesn't stain your coffee mug either? Cool nah ;)
Today I'm going to talk about one such lippshtickkkk :D :D

Maybelline Superstay 14 Hr Lipstick Stay With Me Coral Review, Swatches

Friendship is the most celebrated relationship in the world and everyone treasure their friends.
Be it anyone of any credibility everyone do have friends and they do hold many of their friends so special and close to heart!
 Summers are here again - feels like it was never really gone :/ and cracked heels, sore tired feet are a big trouble in this scorching sun! Despite of weekly pedicures your feet might cry out loud sometimes and it sure is something that can be soothed with a bar of soap ;) Hell yeah it's possible to get some soft and crack free feet that feels like rose petals with regular use of this Vaadi Herbals Elbow Foot Knee Scrub Soap With Almond & Walnut!!

Off late the summer is just making me super fussy and cracked heels are a big headache as I couldn't walk with them :( I have been using this soap for more than an year now - but on and off! I have already finished 3 bars and kinda took a break from it for no particular reason. Now the moment I got some cracks and dryness on my feet I could think of only this one single bar :)Read on to know why <3

Vaadi Herbals Elbow Foot Knee Scrub Soap With Almond & Walnut Review, Swatches, Demo
Hello all!

I know I have been MIA for a long time - well priorities are changing and life's keeping me occupied :( Despite of everything that's going on, Wishing all Women out there a very Happy & Empowering Womens Month! <3 Stay Bold & Beautiful always :))

A Woman's life can be stressful in many ways and it's absolutely necessary to find some ways to relax yourself as it helps keep you well sane :D
Some love pampering their hair, skin, a hot shower to loosen it up a bit for some, and some totally rely on travelling a bit to ease their mind! I being a mom of a 7+ month old don't easily get time to any of these and a great resort for me is Aromatherapy :)

Oriental Botanics Romance Aroma Therapy Diffuser Oil (Orange, Rose, Jasmine & Melissa) Review, Swatches, Demo

I recently got a chance to try an amazing oil blend from Oriental Botanics which is an awesome multi-tasker and performs so well. Read on to know about this peculiar blend :)

Oriental Botanics Romance Aroma Therapy Diffuser Oil (Orange, Rose, Jasmine & Melissa) Review, Swatches, Demo

Hola how is the new year treating you? Mine feels like a good start so far! :)


Off late I have been using a few products from St.Botanica and having a lot of fun using them as they're unisex which means I can make Mr.Husband try them too ;) :D
Remember my post on Instagram here where I talked about this shampoo before? Not following me yet on Insta, then you're missing big time, do it right away from here :)
Coming back to the point, I got a chance to try this completely natural shampoo from St.Botanica. To know how it worked read on!

St.Botanica Apple Cider Vinegar & Argan Shampoo Review, Swatches, Demo

Friend: "Hey there is a new gel liner launched by EL. Would you want it?"
Me: "Naah let me first finish my Maybelline one!"
Sissy: "I'm going to order that new kajal from *** brand, heard it's awesome. Do you want one to try too?"
Me: "Oh no I already have too many kajals"
Advertisement: "Lakme launches it's new lip crayons"
Me: "Oh they're interesting! But I already have around 100s of lipsticks to finish off :( it's ok they're very affordable and tiny and cute. Maybe I can finish them off quick. Maybe not! 100+1 isn't gonna hurt right?! Im picking atleast one from the range.."
End up buying two!!
Always my story when it comes to lipsticks :P
Well yeah I picked 2 Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Crayons, went with neutral mlbb kinda shades as I have many reds and pinks already! Interested in knowing what shades I picked and more about these affordable beauties? Then read on ;)

Lakme Enrich Lip Crayons Review, Swatches, LOTD

I don't do much fashion posts here as I don't find much time to click pictures when I deck up! Im always on the run as I have a full-time job to keep up and most of the time I end up doing my makeup in my office restroom :/

These pictures were clicked a while back when I attended a friend's wedding in Mylapore Kapaleeshwar Temple, Chennai and thought why not share it :)
I wanted a super grand look but ended up doing it very simple as it was a temple wedding and the bride herself wasn't as decked up as me! :O

Be it any season I'm sucker for shower gels and perfumes!
Even in this cold weather I prefer a good shower gel and a relaxed bath rather than a quick shower :)
So when I get the chance to grab a bottle of gleaming golden orange shower gel that smells exotic could I say no? :D