I'm a huge fan of textured nail paints although I don't review them much on my blog - lazy you see! :P
But today I'm going to kinda review a beauty here which reminds me of sea & beach everytime I paint it on my nails :))
It's the Faces Cosmetics Ultime Pro Sand Coat in shade Lyon!

I'm a kajal freak and I buy kajals of many types from many brands!
However I have a list of top 5 kajals and this cutie is one of them :)
Read on to know why Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal tops my list!

Winters are calming & soothing temperature-wise but sadly they don't have the same effect on our lips! :( Winters cause dryness leading to rough chapped lips and sadly not all our regular lip balms & butters work the same way as they do in other seasons. I have pretty normal lips but they crack a lot in winters. I was on the hunt for a lip butter that would give me smooth supple lips & finally this guy won the battle ;)

Himalaya Herbals Natural Moisturizing Lip Butter
Hello sweeties! How are you doing?Today I'm going to review one of my favourite moisturizers and I'm pretty excited :D
This one is my favourite in all aspects ;)
Read on to know more about my magical moisturizer :P :D

Hello beautiful buds!

Wish You All a Very Happy & Lovely Valentines Day :) <3

Here is a post for all of you from our archives which brings a special makeup look & hairstyle video to sport today for your date night ;)

Enjoy the day and spread the love :))

GRWM: Date Night Glam Makeup Tutorial

Simple Yet Stylish Twisted Braid Tutorial

Thanks for watching guys. Did you like the look? Do pour in your valuable comments! :)

I'm not much of a foundation freak as I don't use them regularly. I use foundation only on special occasions so I don't try many of them.
But when the Streetwear collection was revamped I loved their new packaging and kinda wanted to try every single product from the range :P
And ooh yeah they're so affordable :D :D
I bought a few of them and have reviewed others already and this is kinda the last product I'm reviewing from my purchase (but I'm eyeing a few more lipsticks and nail paints - lets see :P)

Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Foundation Beige
I'm a huge fan of liquid lipsticks especially because of their longstay feature ;)
I have a few of them from different brands and today's review is going to be my most favourite out of the lot!
Read on to know more about this snazzy peppy shade from MakeUp Academy :)

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer Funk

I have very brittle nails and I kept trying different base coats every now and then.
Once while I was looking for a new base coat I saw this beauty on offer for like 30% less and the blogger in me you know kept reading thousands of reviews about it before finally picking it up! :P
It was a steal price and I felt like I wouldn't regret even if it didn't work for me ;) So did it work for me like it did for the big crowd of reviewers or failed me like it did the other group of them?
Read on and you will know it in a while :)

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Nail Strengthener
Gifting is really an intention to express your gratitude and giving return gifts in wedding is really a nice way of thanking your guests.
The yellow bags with coconut & betel leaves are so out of style these days and although its tradition to give them to your guests, with a little additional budget you can get them something they would remember too :)
In this edition we are gonna see some gifts you could give your family members, friends and colleagues during the wedding. Some of these can also be extended as a common gift to all your wedding guests depending on the budget!

We all use makeup in our everyday life and most of us enjoy using it.
But how many of us know when to REALLY throw a product away?
Do you know keeping and using a kajal until the expiry date mentioned in the pack would give you eye infections?

There are certain ways to know when a makeup product expires - the expiration date mentioned on the pack, the date of opening (a logo with an open container mentioned with a 3M or 6M or 12M means that's how long you can use it after opening) and there is a real timeline until which you can use your makeup! So in this post we are gonna see that real lifetime of your makeup products :)