I love kajals and this one here is a new launch!
So read on to know if it impressed me or not ;)

I'm an ardent fan of PLL (Pretty Little Liars) series and keep re-watching it every now and then :P
I love all the 5 liars but Lucy Hale kinda became a style icon for me because she is extremely experimental when it comes to fashion or makeup and I kinda sail in the same boat - but not so much as her!
Also another good reason is she is petite just like me and stealing her style would be perfect for me ;)
If you are a petite woman and would like to incorporate some new styles then read on - you might as well be able to pull off some of Lucy's styles :D

Are you a fan of bold lips? Do you think they just pop up the whole look and brighten your face instantly? :)
Then this super affordable lipstick is just for you!
It is a shade from the Streetwear Color rich range of lipsticks I'm talking about!

The range comprises of wonderful collection of shades from pinks to oranges to reds at an affordable pricing of 180 INR!!

I picked up 2 shades from the collection - Pink Persuasion and Pink Passion. Let me talk about the lipstick :)

After a very long time here is an OOTD!
It was a sunny day and I wanted some bright outfit to spruce up and lift my mood.
So I picked up this denim blue pleated skater dress which comes with a deep blue plaid belt. Both the dress and the belt are a cotton & corduroy blend and the dress feels super comfortable :)

Well the biggest and most hardest part of your wedding is the budget planning and something that's even more harder is sticking to it!
In today's post we are going to see some stickies that would help you plan your wedding budget and most importantly let you think and realize what is important and what is not.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you would know how crazy I'm about lipsticks & lip products.
Well I post atleast one lip product review every week :P
Here's a review of one from one of my favourite drugstore brands. Read on to know more about it :D

Well the Lux Golden Rose Awards 2016 was held on November 12 at Film City, Goregaon, Mumbai and here is our favourite list from the Red Carpet!

Mascaras are eye openers - literally!
A mascara brings that drama to your eyes instantly lifting up your lashes and taking away that sleepy deepy eyes :)
I have never stuck on to one mascara till date, I keep juggling and trying new ones every single time as they have short life and it's kinda my frequent buying product.
I first bought this mascara together with my eyeconic kajal to try both together and repurchased it again ;)
Read on to know if this mascara made to my list or not!

I'm becoming a crazy fan of Nayanthara lately especially a bigger fan of her fashion and makeup sense :D
She is kinda becoming my spirit animal! <3
I love each and every outfit she sports in her movie roles and the way she carries herself - best attitude!
She has also improved her acting skills to an immense level :) Enough of blabbing about my crush on her (don't tell her pleashhh :P)

Coming to her makeup style, although she was a wear-anything-the-makeup-man-puts-on-your-face kinda girl in the beginning of her kollywood days she isn't that girl anymore.
Coming so long she has improvised a lot and has her own unique makeup style. Although the style isn't a unique trend but it is unique for her!
Yes she always always sports the smoky eye nude lips look :):)

A little more light on her look - yes wait wait will decode it with makeup product recos in a while, patience baby :)

A Woman's eyes are the windows of her soul and this is the where she projects her confidence!
If you are a girl who never leaves the house without kohl rimmed eyes then this post is just for you :)
Today's we are going to list the Top 5 Budget Priced Kajals available in India.