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Skin Type: Oily Combination Skin
Product Type: Makeup Remover/Tool
Product Name: Bella Double Side Cotton Pads

Cotton pads and makeup removal wipes are life for any makeup lover :D It is always good, safe and recommended to get rid of all your makeup before you hit the sack everyday! And the best tool to get it done next to a good makeup remover is cotton pads\balls. When my craze for makeup started I wasn't much aware of such options and all I used was some cheap wet wipes and disposable cotton rolls from pharmacies!! They're super troublesome as the cotton threads come off every single time completely making my eyes reddened and watery :( Later when the blogger me came into picture I started exploring the options and picked up my first set of cotton pads - and it was from Bella :))
And since almost 4+ years (:O) I still keep a stock of cotton pads from Bella because till date they're my fave, HG everything :D :D

So why Bella you ask? Because they are of amazing quality with an affordable price tag! What else do you really want?
Read on to know more about these double sided cotton pads from Bella :)

Bella Double Side Cotton Pads Review, Demo

It’s Cleft Awareness week and although I have never met anyone with a Cleft in my life until now I would like to spread some awareness about it because it’s one of the less known but a serious defect among newborns.

A New Year Again with a lot of expectations and resolutions - Wish you all a happy and prosperous new year 2019!
I have a bundle of resolutions this year too but have a few that needs major focus :) How about you? Do let me know in the comments what is your resolution for 2k19!

Btw January being my Birthday Month it reminds me that I'm aging and after this birthday I'm stepping on to the next decade of my life - yes I'm going to be THIRTY :D :P
I have always been a fan of Face Serums and wanted to pick one but was postponing it thinking I'm too young to get one for myself (while actually I'm not!). So when I got a chance I immediately grabbed the SSCPL Herbals Face Serum from their professional range which is Paraben, Sulphates & chemical-free. It's formulated in such a way that it's enriched with anti-aging and skin brightening properties. Read on to know more about the SSCPL Herbals Face Serum and how it worked for me :)

SSCPL Herbals Face Serum Review, Swatches

Shapewear: Tap Tap! May I come in?
Woman’s Wardrobe: Sorry who are you?
Shapewear: Woah Woah you don’t know me? Never heard of me? Never have you ever seen me before anywhere?
What are you – size zero or saint?

Well yes, the conversation just seems funny but it could be true with many women out there!
Many of you might have heard of it, would have seen it but might not really know it’s purpose or use and would have thought you never need a Shapewear in your life!! You might be wrong with your prejudice and here we are coming up with a complete Shapewear 101 guide just for you lovelies :)

Read ahead, wear it, flaunt it <3

Hello lovelies how are you doing? :)
I just flipped around some old posts on my blog and realized that I haven't reviewed much mascaras here although I have tried a whole bunch of them!! :O
I'm a fan of mascaras but don't prefer them for everyday because - I wear glasses and I hate the feeling of my mascara coated lashes poking my glasses :/ But of late I have been obsessed with mascaras again after trying falsies for the first time and digging them out :D
Today I'm going to review one of my basic mascaras - something I used to pick up whenever I restocked! It's the Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara!
Keep reading to know more about it :)

Maybelline Hypercurl Waterproof Mascara Review, Swatches

I'm a huge fan of Tresemme products and have tried every single range they have in the market! How will I miss something that is so made for my hair type and has to be used as I prefer?
So yes I tried their reverse shampoo system Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo And Conditioner a while back and do you know what happened?

Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo And Conditioner Review, Swatches

Shifting to an organic lifestyle is pretty tough but what's more tough is finding a good face wash/cleanser that would keep your shining ball of a face oil free for atleast few hours! I have tried way too many drugstore face washes packed with chemicals to see if they would work in keeping my skin non-greasy. I have also tried a few organic cleansers and DIYs (although I'm guilty that I was never consistent in doing them) but none of them really helped in keeping my face oil-free for long hours! Today's post is going to be about a face wash designed for all skin types. What is so special about it? Read further and you will certainly know :))

Magic Dust Organic Saffron Sandalwood Face Wash Review

Magic Dust Organic Saffron Sandalwood Face Wash Review

When I was a kid I always used to wonder how those movie heroines have such glowy pink cheeks and sometimes deep orange ones!
Growing up I realized that it’s makeup that makes their cheeks look so gorgeous & funny at times :D
When I became a makeup lover the second thing I picked up was a blush palette but I never wore it until it reached it’s EOL because you know I didn’t want to look like a clown :/
But after I gained a bit of makeup skills (still a learner though!) I learnt how much good and important it is to make your makeup look graceful <3 Than blush quads I love singles because they are easy to carry around and play with – also once you find a perfect shade that suits your skintone well you are sorted! After trying a few blushes I laid my eyes on this Lakmé 9to5 Pure Rouge Blusher in Ginger Surprise for a really long time and picked it up finally ;) I loved it’s packaging and the super festive color. Want to know if I loved it? Read on beautiful :)

Lakmé 9to5 Pure Rouge Blusher Ginger Surprise Review

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Baby doll dresses have a history that assures that certain things can never change. The classic vintage corsets and bra or the trendy push up that has evolved to today’s form, but the purpose of these dresses remains to be the same. They are worn with the intention of highlighting the sensuality of the female form and helping to have an erotic fun filled s*x life.

Privypleasures Babydoll dresses

Fall is already here and most of us are slowly transforming to warmer shades and winter pullovers!
Our closets are getting a make-over with some old, some fresh and new winter apparels to just keep ourselves warm :)
But what excites us makeup lovers more are the fall lipstick shades that we could just pull out and flatter everyone ;) Today I'm reviewing one such shade that has won all my love :))