I'm a huge fan of Tresemme products and have tried every single range they have in the market! How will I miss something that is so made for my hair type and has to be used as I prefer?
So yes I tried their reverse shampoo system Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo And Conditioner a while back and do you know what happened?

Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo And Conditioner Review, Swatches

Shifting to an organic lifestyle is pretty tough but what's more tough is finding a good face wash/cleanser that would keep your shining ball of a face oil free for atleast few hours! I have tried way too many drugstore face washes packed with chemicals to see if they would work in keeping my skin non-greasy. I have also tried a few organic cleansers and DIYs (although I'm guilty that I was never consistent in doing them) but none of them really helped in keeping my face oil-free for long hours! Today's post is going to be about a face wash designed for all skin types. What is so special about it? Read further and you will certainly know :))

Magic Dust Organic Saffron Sandalwood Face Wash Review

Magic Dust Organic Saffron Sandalwood Face Wash Review

When I was a kid I always used to wonder how those movie heroines have such glowy pink cheeks and sometimes deep orange ones!
Growing up I realized that it’s makeup that makes their cheeks look so gorgeous & funny at times :D
When I became a makeup lover the second thing I picked up was a blush palette but I never wore it until it reached it’s EOL because you know I didn’t want to look like a clown :/
But after I gained a bit of makeup skills (still a learner though!) I learnt how much good and important it is to make your makeup look graceful <3 Than blush quads I love singles because they are easy to carry around and play with – also once you find a perfect shade that suits your skintone well you are sorted! After trying a few blushes I laid my eyes on this Lakmé 9to5 Pure Rouge Blusher in Ginger Surprise for a really long time and picked it up finally ;) I loved it’s packaging and the super festive color. Want to know if I loved it? Read on beautiful :)

Lakmé 9to5 Pure Rouge Blusher Ginger Surprise Review

Author: Natasha Roy
Read Time: 4 Minutes

Baby doll dresses have a history that assures that certain things can never change. The classic vintage corsets and bra or the trendy push up that has evolved to today’s form, but the purpose of these dresses remains to be the same. They are worn with the intention of highlighting the sensuality of the female form and helping to have an erotic fun filled s*x life.

Privypleasures Babydoll dresses

Fall is already here and most of us are slowly transforming to warmer shades and winter pullovers!
Our closets are getting a make-over with some old, some fresh and new winter apparels to just keep ourselves warm :)
But what excites us makeup lovers more are the fall lipstick shades that we could just pull out and flatter everyone ;) Today I'm reviewing one such shade that has won all my love :))

Author: Lakshmipriya Ashok
Read Time: 5 Minutes

Vitamin E is such a great nutrient for both skin and hair. It just nourishes your hair making it healthy and shiny! And what it does for your skin you ask - it brings out the inner glow to give you that glamorous glowing skin! Rushing to go buy a bottle of Vitamin E oil? Just wait until you finish reading this article to source it easily :)

Engagement is a big step in a Bride\Groom's life and it is just one step before wedding. We even have a saying here in south that engagement is half marriage and we can't just deny that :D
Engagement is a function where both the bride and groom's families exchange a formal communication and announce the wedding to their  friends and relatives. In short the world just gets to know that the girl and the boy can officially be seen together ;)
Every culture & family has different practices when it comes to betrothal - some do it just the day before wedding, some do it way long before and some even ignore it.
Today's post is going to be completely about my engagement, the outfit and all deets :)
Keep reading to know more!!

South Indian Wedding Event-Engagement

So my engagement happened the previous day (evening to be precise) of my wedding. It was a very small gathering (with a large crowd) just to announce our wedding to the near and dear family. It was quite a happy gathering indeed for us because we had both side relatives around and we actually had some time to have conversations with everyone. Pleasant right? :)

South Indian Wedding Event-Engagement

The Venue

No fancy venues again - it just happened in a small hall which was part of the hotel my family & relatives stayed in. The engagement was actually a last minute from their family because they wanted to introduce me to the closest family members :D

South Indian Wedding Event-Engagement

The Arrangement

We had the seer (exchanges that would be done by both families like fruits, flowers, g garlands, sometimes jewelry & even cash) arranged in the middle of the hall completely surrounded by everyone. My sister's husband beautifully got the sweet palette ready for our engagement :))

Tamil Indian Wedding Engagement

Tamil Indian Wedding Engagement

The Outfits And Accessories

As it was a very casual gathering he went with a pista green formal shirt & matching trousers - very comfy, classy & elegant choice to be frank for guys :D And yeah he is a man of sophistication! :P And he wore his watch!
My saree was given by his family and I chose a pink fancy silk saree with green prints. The saree was actually very light-weight and was super easy to drape - it was the best thing because there were literally 8 women surrounding me while I was draping it as the muhurtham time was getting near :/

Tamil Indian Wedding Engagement

I paired it with a simple gold chain, my gold jhumka set and a favourite kemp neckpiece from my closet (gifted by my mom when I was in college) to keep it simple and sophisticated! Dozens of bangles - both muhurtha valai (wedding bangles in glass) and matching metal bangles :)

Tamil Indian Wedding Engagement

The Makeup 

He didn't wear any makeup either for the engagement or the wedding. His only favourite skincare\makeup everything is just a good massage of olive oil :)

I definitely wouldn't miss a chance to do makeup so here is my makeup breakdown:

Face - Revlon Skinlights Illuminator in Peach Lights (Buy Here) mixed with L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Foundation (Buy Here)
Eyes - just Lakme Eyeconic Kajal in black (Buy Here)
Lips - Lakme Absolute Sculpt Matte Lipstick in Plum Spell (Buy Here)

Tamil Indian Wedding Engagement

Hope you loved reading the post as much as I loved penning(keying) it down :) How did you like my engagement look? Do you think I could have done it better? Do drop in your comments below, would love to read them.
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The honeymoon is an escape with your partner to a beautiful destination where you can splurge on exotic food and enjoy the landscape. It is also a period when you can spend quality time with your loved one and build an emotional relationship. The honeymoon is more than just beautiful places and tasty food. It is also about romantic nights and ways to make it special in your own way.
Women pack in a lot of sexy nightwear for their days they are going to spend with their partner. The First Night Dresses that you pick for your holiday should not only be perfectly fitted but also comfortable enough for you to sleep cozily. Here are some beautiful ideas for night dresses that you must have in your suitcase before leaving for a honeymoon.

I'm generally a sucker for neutral eyeshadows as they can be sported anytime, anywhere for any occasion. Of course I pull out my colorful shadows and gleaming golds for festivities but neutrals are always handy!
This neutral eyeshadow from Maybelline is my super favourite because its a glimmering taupe shade with a touch of bronz-y sheen! It's kinda my goto shadow\shadow base as it's very versatile :)
Read on to know more about Maybelline Color Tattoo in the shade On And On Bronze.

Maybelline Color Tattoo On And On Bronze Review, Swatches

It always feels amazing when your outfit fits you perfectly making you feel like a diva! But do you know that your lingerie plays a major role in giving you a pleasing silhouette?
And choosing the right innerwear is always important to keep you comfortable and make you look sassy in any outfit!😊

Being a plus size woman doesn't mean you cannot flaunt your curves, you certainly can by choosing the apt clothing available for plus size women these days! But again choosing the right lingerie is super important because a mishap in this can lead to serious wardrobe malfunctions😐
ROSEGAL has a wide variety of clothing for plus size women ranging at all price levels😊

We come here with a guide to choose the right bras especially for you the plus size beauties to flaunt your curves😉 Keep reading!!

Bras for every outfit for plus size women